balancing act

i love my job. honest. sure, sometimes i may get a little cranky about certain aspects of it, sometimes i find it frustrating, but, by an large, i like my position, my peers, and working on my projects. i’ll even go so far as to say that when i’m not doing it, i miss it a little. why, then, should i feel so excited to take vacation? time. amid all of the satisfaction and challenge and inspiration that my work gives me, the one thing it eats away at incessantly is time. during a regular work week, i can’t find the time i need to treat myself well. i just can’t juggle enough cooking, sleeping and moving my body. before last weekend, a friend at work had tipped me off to a sale on a product we both use regularly. when she followed up with me on monday, i blurted out that i just don’t have time to shop anymore. later that day, she stopped in at my office and said, “you know, carly, i’ve been thinking and you really need to take care of yourself.” she went on to give me several suggestions that, while still shortcuts from how i prefer to eat, were still very good ideas and much healthier options than the habit i’d fallen into – not eating, plain and simple. she almost apologized for approaching me, saying, “there’s a mother in all of us.” i was touched. it was nice that somebody (other than kevin – he is all over me about that all the time) noticed and, more importantly, cared enough to say something. at her prompt, i made a stop at the grocery store on the way home after a late meeting that night and picked up a few ingredients for her solutions. it wasn’t great, but it was certainly an improvement.

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i’m hoping vacation provides me a chance to catch up. i’d like to be able to get a handle on my pantry and the food i have on hand, to facilitate whatever i need to make food preparation a regular part of my life again. i know that it’s doubtful that on any morning of this break, i will wake up after 8am and i will probably work harder physically than i have in a while (plans include running, swimming, biking, skating, and, ideally, some yoga.) the freedom of having time, of not suffocating as a result of too much to do, will make me miss the office just a little bit less.
the other major priority when it comes to holidaying and catching up…friendships. i’ve been neglectful and all y’all who’ve showed patience and understanding, i promise that i’m on the road to making it up to you. xo

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  1. With the job and other demands of time you suddenly find yourself without the time for the R&R that you need so much. I’m starting to discover I need to make a more organized effort at my time management and set in order the things I’ve been neglecting, but always thinking about doing.

  2. Cooking healthy vegan food can be challenging because if you’re not prepared sometimes it’s really hard to just find something you can grab to eat. Juggling a baby and having to make dinner for everyone (sometimes 4 dinners for the picky-eating little one) I’ve had to cut some corners so I have a few tips for you (which I hope you haven’t heard before):

    – Always keep some beans a-soaking. When you are going to be home for a couple of hours, throw them in a pot and then when they’re done & cooled, stick them in a container and into the freezer. I use freezer bags because our freezer is super small. Makes it so much easier when you just want to throw a meal together. Of course you could always buy canned but it’s expensive and heavy to carry home from the store. However…

    – Buy refried beans in a can. Making them from scratch is a pain in the butt. I did it a couple weeks ago and they just weren’t as good as I’d hoped.

    – I keep my berries in the freezer too because I was tired of them going bad all the time

    – Spaghetti squash is a good sub for pasta, just stick it in the oven whole for an hour, let it cool for a whiile and then cut it in half in the middle, not lengthwise, and scoop out the seed and membrane stuff. It should noodle up by itself when you scrape it but you can help it with a fork if need be.

    – Don’t fry your own tofu because it is too fiddly (learned that from your cousin!) so just buy the fried stuff, and then add some veg & 10 mins later you have dinner

    – Couscous is the ultimate fast food, add boiled water and 1 min later it’s done. Love it!

    – When you have the time, make a big vat of vegan chili and then separate it out into individual portions to freeze

    – Carry nuts and dried fruit to eat with you on the go – trying to find vegan food in a hurry is sometimes really tough so at least if you have a fall-back snack then it can tide you over until something else is available.

    Hope some of that is useful and please eat! 🙂

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