happy birthday, gumboots! xo


in honour of my girl’s special pink and red, hearts and flowers valentine-ish birthday, i concocted this post from one i’d published on an old blog. like any timeless relationship, all the sentiment still stands.

it takes a special friend to say it…

…but she did. here’s a text i got last week, one that made me lawl.

And may I compliment you on your correct spelling of “panicking”? So many people spell that wrong, and I hate it. Not that I ever doubted you, of course.

the word nerd status is just one in a long list of reasons i know that bex and i are soul mates. our friendship has seen many incarnations, from doula partners to concert goers, timberlake superfans to supporters of bad habits, sounding boards to wine aficionados. yeah, we’ve done it all. we’re even the calibre of friends to swoon over our political crushes! (you may identify hers, but you’d never guess mine!)

she is the kind of intellectual elitist with whom i can mock those less blessed in the arena of grammar and/or spelling (we’ve even contemplated launching a blog to detail our observations) and endlessly so. when she forwards an email with the comment “this font really bugs me,” i know exactly what she means and, believe me, that kind of nitpicking can spawn lengthy debate. between our mutual love of the language, our passionate opinions on (among many other things) music, the proper rules of scrabble (no matter what schlock comes in the box these days) and everything that is wrong with the state of washington, it’s sometimes tough for us to find the time to formulate any of the great ideas we come up with. (our “who’s settling?” website would’ve been a sure hit in the hot or not days of internet judgment.)

it could be said that we’re two peas in a pod, partners in crime. sometimes, just a couple of bitches would do. the fact of the matter is, we’re back to hatching a plan to take our shtick public. the ideas are flowing and the map is being drawn. details to come.

for now, allow me to welcome the girl on the side back to blogging and invite you to check her shit out. i promise she won’t disappoint. after all, how could any soul mate of mine??


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  1. A blog post for my birthday? That’s pretty awesome. I remember this old blog post and i agree the sentiments still stand. (We have to recreate that photo too!)

    Thank you for thinking of me! ❤

  2. Whatever, Ms. Stationary. 😉

    Hopefully, you know I am only teasing… I mention it only because you were so bummed about making that über-common mistake.

    I’m with you and your friend on panicking as well. How else would one spell it? Happy Birthday to a fellow language snob.

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