people will surprise you


i’ve been a little discouraged lately. as a general overview, i’ve been struggling with my faith in humanity and i’ve been feeling somewhat disconnected. i got bogged down by an outsider’s view of my community and it had really started me wondering if and how i even fit in. luckily, i have a few key supporters in whom i can confide. each of them took their turn assuring me that there is a place for me and that it belongs to me alone. they cheered me on by listing the things i bring that are unique to me and the reasons that i am an asset. as much as i adore and appreciate the friends and colleagues who offered the encouragement, the most rewarding interaction of all came after i stumbled into a conversation with someone i’d never even met. when i confessed my reluctance to engage in a community so rife with harsh criticism and judgment, this virtual stranger, a lacrosse player (i know, right?) simplified things for me.

just keep your game high and let that speak for you.

it’s surprising how at ease those few and simple words put me. i thought about it over and over. i wrote it down and read it over and over as well. true story.

this weekend, on our trip to everett, the third of the season, i had the honour of meeting that man and shaking his hand. his open heart, kindness and high game have had a far more profound effect on me than he’d probably ever imagine. when we walked into the lobby of the hotel where he was staying and i saw him sitting there, i balked at saying hello. knowing the impact he’d had on me, kevin urged me to get over my shy. “just go on. introduce yourself. you already talk to him all the time.” so i did. and we had another nice little chat, this time face to face. it gave me butterflies and got me giddy.

that wasn’t the only experience that restored my faith. in fact, it was a great day all around. from the moment i arrived in town (sadly, i missed the majority of kevin’s play in the day long masters tournament since i couldn’t get out of my last day of work on the short notice he’d been given) until the time when we left, i felt like every time i turned around, there was someone else i knew. some of the people i saw are those who i communicate with regularly, others i hadn’t seen in a while. all in all, it was a day of near constant reminders that people are largely good.

you know what else? so is lacrosse.

things started off with a bang. this was brewing all through warm-up so it wasn’t any shock that it started before the clock had even had time to tick down a second.

the first quarter was so thoroughly rattling, even i was screaming the old take! a! seat!

❤ cousins ❤
thanks again, dean!

i’m sure nobody was sorry to be saying their goodbyes.

these photos look a little different because i actually lugged my camera out there with me. the clarity of the shots has persuaded me to do so more often. it’s a temporary endeavour, perhaps. it’s still a lot more cumbersome than my iphone and i have no interest in developing my skills as a photographer.


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  1. What a great photo of, Geoff!

    I’m glad that you were able to speak with this mystery-man in person. I’m sure it made his day, as well as yours. I still don’t doubt that people are inherently good…it may just take a little to coax it out of them.

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