there’s a cat in my basket


i finally got my bike home in time for the weekend. since christmas it had been stranded at my folks’ place. first thing after work on friday afternoon, kevin and i applied all the goodies that came with it ~ the bell, the basket, the seat with the heart on it. once we were done, i took it out for a test run, walking it down the stairs of the building and dragging it back up, riding around the ‘hood in between. from the get-go, i’d made jokes about sitting kemah in the front and taking her out for a ride. i didn’t really harbour any faith that she’d go for it, and i’m certain that if she felt the thing make the slightest move, she’d bolt, but she rather enjoyed the very stationary basket once she made the discovery.

we called this one grady’s photobomb.

the caption should read: seriously? what is this shit?


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