dresses and cakes


did you know abbotsford is the berry capital of canada? true story.

today was the memorial for my friends’ mother and my friend, pauline. sadly, i kept thinking about our venture to the valley and i’d feel a spike of excitement because for some reason i had it in my head that we were going to see her. then i’d remember the whole purpose of the trip. it was nice to see steve and to remember how much his friendship means to me. it was nice to see his boyfriend and some old friends as well. bittersweet reunions, i also got to introduce everyone to kevin. i doubt i’ll ever live it down that i suggested kevin wear a suit. though he hardly put up a fight, he did make a few comments showing concern he’d be the only one. bingo! the room was an abundance of denim and plaid, but his lilac shirt did fit in with the purple dominance. that was my first suit exposure. (swoon!) in my own wardrobe story, i’d had one dress in mind before i was getting ready this morning. once i put it on, it just didn’t feel right for the day. as kevin pointed out, “it looks good, babe, but are dancing girls really appropriate for a funeral?” i looked down. yeah, my dress featured a silhouette of a woman’s body. probably not best. quick switch and i was wearing my current favourite dress and feelin’ good. after settling in and initiating the catch up session, something across the place caught my eye: dress #1. yeah, for the first time in my entire life, someone at the same party was wearing my dress! (even though i didn’t actually wear it out, that’s a close call!) for the record, i totally wore it better. (it was very similar to this only featuring gray, turquoise and scarlet and the aforementioned dancing girl.)


tonight, i was thankful for ufc. while i think the events barbaric and a little bit embarrassing, to each their own and to kevin, it means something. he enjoys it and, when he can swing it, usually goes out with a buddy or two to watch. once he’d dropped me off at home, he hit the road for his own engagement. i have no idea where my night went, but i’m not complaining. no plans translated to catching up on the pvr queue, decluttering and tidying the apartment and putting into action my aspiration to making my mom a birthday cake. yes, i go through phases of virtual obsession with cupcakes, but i rarely aim for a bigger end product. it’s definitely a more time consuming endeavour and the attractive factor is way harder to master. in the end, i winged it. white cake, vanilla icing, raspberry jam spread in between the two layers. i’ll have to rely on those sampling to report its worth. while i may be vegan, my dear mother is not and, for that reason, i opted for a recipe that included eggs, butter and milk. (do you have any idea what kind of torture it can be to not be able to test during the icing phase? sheer torture. that’s what kind.) it became apparent rather quickly that cake decorating classes would be a very worthy investment.


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