will he see his shadow?


my mom is so awesome. when we were kids, she made a big deal out of everything. if she’d had one of those calendars that detailed the really random “days” of the year, i would bet we’d have been changing our passwords yesterday and putting dresses on the cats last month. she was enthusiastic and she made every day special and fun, but the notable days even more so. she’s still like that and it’s probably the reason why i nurture such a romantic attitude towards celebrations and making note of special occasions. it’s also why i’ve been thinking about today, february 2nd for over a week now.

for the uninitiated (which always shocks me to find there are a few) today’s the day the groundhog pops out of his burrow to reveal the future of the weather. if he emerges to a day that is cloudy, it signifies that spring is just around the corner. if it’s sunny, his shadow will send him scurrying back into his hole, for winter conditions will prevail and spring is still six weeks away.

when we were young, we awaited the results with bated breath. (in hindsight, minus the access to instant information, she probably just gave it her best guess when she revealed them to us.) that isn’t to say that we had actual concept of the duration of six weeks, but it was the excitement of the event itself that was the fun. looking around this morning, i’m glad to see that the art of celebration hasn’t been completely lost. the cupcakes above were found here and there’s an idea for groundhog cookies over here. (i do feel a little inferior for having done nothing to celebrate.)

results across the continent are being updated as this day progresses. if you are interested in seeing them, check the wikipedia page.


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  1. Ah yes.. 6 more weeks of winter.. However, I am enjoying these SUNNY days we’re having down South.

    As an aside, I really love how your mom puts so much effort and detail into everything she does and then regards it as it’s really nothing at all. I hope to have half her focus for detail this year.

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