the difference a year makes


“i’m tired of talking on twitter. text me if you want to talk.” it wasn’t meant to sound nearly as harsh as it did, but it was kind of funny as an opener. i’d been looking for someone to shoot on because i had a great new lacrosse stick and i didn’t know anyone willing to suit up for me. coincidentally, though we’ve taken our sticks out to the box a handful of times, kevin’s only stood in net for me once. (my power shot? probably.)

in spite of the gruff nature of our first interaction, 24/7 texting soon ensued and not a week had gone by before we were making plans to get together. he offered me the position of movie buddy. i’d never been an avid movie-goer, but something about the offer made it appealing. as he’s been known to say, “sometimes it’s about the company.” before this had ever happened and long before i’d even seen a photo of him, an affection had been brewing. i was already crushing before i’d even seen a photo of him.

though we’ve tried, we can’t remember the day when we actually met for the first time nor can we be 100% sure of which movie we saw (though we think we figured out that it was the green hornet.) it all came together when he stated simple fact, “i’ll pick you up at three today.” there was no question and no doubt. it was just how it was going to be and i liked that. the anniversary of the utterance of those fateful words will be (has been?) celebrated sometime around now.

when he arrived and i slipped into his car, he hardly looked at me, nor i him. our first real life interaction came when he handed me the t-shirt he’d brought me. (sweet, right?) to the movies we went and by the time we parted, it felt like we’d known each other for years. though it’d still be a few weeks before we started dating officially, i already knew that something particularly special was going on and it wasn’t long before i never knew i could feel like this was a regular statement made to friends anyone who would listen.

looking back to who i was at this time last year, before this amazing and beautiful man walked into my life, i am awestruck. i am completely without words to describe how incredibly blessed i feel to have stumbled across someone so fantastically supportive and so full of love. there was no way to anticipate all that this past year would serve up on our plates, but i can say with certainty that there is no way i’d have survived it all without him by my side. i don’t know what i was doing before kevin walked into my life, but one year later, where i was wilting, i now blossom, where i was dying, i thrive and life is a meadow of opportunity, excitement, anticipation, joy, laughter and respect. i never knew love could be like this, but i am humbled by its power and beauty every single day.



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  1. I LOVE this. Happy sometime around now 1 year to you guys. Isn’t it amazing when you find that person who is just so perfect for you and balances everything out, the good and the bad?! Love to see and hear you so happy. We enjoyed meeting Kevin back in October and look forward to getting to know him better sooner rather than later. 🙂

  2. Well, that’s nothing but beautiful. Congratulations to the both of you on accomplishing what so few have…finding the complimentary piece. Here’s to many more years of fascination!

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