les oreilles


a woman i used to know once asked me, “what’s your best sense?” i thought it a great jump off for discussion, but it took very little thought to determine that, without question, my answer is my hearing. that kevin sometimes calls me scanners supports that. he also likens my ears to radar and said in an email this morning, “you can hear a conversation from 20 yards away.”

it’s true. i have keen ears. my hearing is sharp. not a lot gets by me even when i leave the room. sure, i can detect and identify a song in just a note or two when most people can’t hear any music at all, but on the flip side, the sound of a dripping tap at the far reaches of the apartment or the neighbours, uh, convening on the other side of the bathroom wall can wake (and keep) me up at night. as much as ambient noise can rattle me, i’ve always been strangely proud of my aural health.

my precious ears

though our hearing is closely monitored at my place of work, i’d managed to slip through the cracks for nearly five years. that came to an end this morning when, after two days of chasing one, i finally snagged an appointment in the mobile testing truck. thankfully, nothing had changed. literally. well, almost. one zero became a five in my left ear and the right ear results are identical. thankfully. my vision pretty much sucks, my taste and smell are iffy and, while i am rather sensitive to touch, it just isn’t nurtured by my short attention span. hearing’s the best i’ve got.

so, tell me, what’s your best sense?

oreilles is one of my favourite french words of all. fyi.

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  1. Smell is my best sense. I can smell anything. Roasting coffee, wild flowers, putrid decaying. It definitely has its ups and downs. I hate that I’m such a good smeller, when it comes to the bad. If i had to choose the first of my senses to go, I could see this one to the door.

    • You’d give up your sense of smell? Even though it’s your best? That’s Kevin’s best sense, too. Sometimes I forget that and he suffers as a result. I guess every sense has its downfall.

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