thanks, mom, but you may have just put your proximity to any potential grandchildren in jeopardy by sending me this link.

it’s been brewing in me for a while, but this video put me over the top. while his previous response was always something like “i didn’t leave the cold in ontario to move to the cold in alberta,” this time, kevin watched and asked in a whisper at the end, “that was all alberta? it’s beautiful” i just said yes and left it at that. baby steps.

i want to move to alberta.

there. i said it.


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  1. Well, if you move, it’s ok with me. the mail still goes to Alberta. BUT, one thing. Did you notice that everyone in Alberta moves in slow motion? CREEPY. 😉

  2. Huh. That is beautiful. I know you’ve been playing with that idea for a long time, and i understand. Every time I visit that province, I end up scheming and fantasizing about living there. Its not in the cards for me, at least not at this stage of my life, but as much as i would feel sad that you wouldn’t be nearby, what a great place for me to have a friend to visit!

  3. FYI. I have been to Edmonton, Calgary and Medicine Hat in the winter. I can guarantee you Alberta does not look like this every day. After the plows have cleaned up the snow they use them to shovel the garbage and other detritus off the streets after the snow melts. In May. The grass stays brown for months. Everyone smokes. The choice of fashion is grey sweat pants for women. And all sizes of women. The large ones too, and there are a lot of them. Edmonton is the murder capital of Canada. And the -30 temperatures with a wind chill are delightful as you walk a half a block to the store. At Wal-Mart the people really do look like those people on the People of Wal-Mart website. Half the trucks at the West Edmonton Mall have gun racks in the back window. Anyway, FYI.

  4. I might be biased but I love Alberta. In fact the Banff area is one of my favorite pkaces ever. Growing up near Edmonton i have an appreciation for the flat prairies, the amazing big blue Alberta sky. You get a little bit of everything in Alberta and sometimes I really miss it.

    • Oh and i dont know who.Scotty is but i have to strongly disagree with much of what he said. Having grown up there i must have missed the grey sweat pants fashion statement. Oh wait…i am wearing grey sweats right now. Lol wow!

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