canadian immersion


if this picture was the only one i took away from this weekend, this experience the only one we’d had time to share, i’d still be happy girl. holding hands while teaching my best girl to skate was easily one of my favourite things so far in 2012.

she isn’t as shaky as she looks – in fact, she’s showing off on our final approach

yesterday i wrote about how i might like to explore all the stereotypical and cliché canadian experiences – curling, drinking tim hortons coffee, playing pond hockey, etc. (i’m on the fence about dog sledding, for the record.) we had a great time taking the american out to a game on friday night and intended to continue our adventures in canadiana on saturday as well. initially, the plan was to try snowshoeing for the first time for everyone. sadly, a day full of rainfall preceding and it only made sense to postpone the adventure due to the mushy, wet snow and we were left without a plan b. enter kevin. he’s been itching to get back on skates and he talked our way into a family skate that was happening at the same place and time as his hockey team had a game. we bundled up and hit the road.

she looks like a natural!

amy didn’t think she had ever been ice skating, but said later that it might have happened once when she was young. me, i took lessons when i was a kid and even had my own pair of skates. it still shocked me how foreign it was to step back on the ice. it was rough going the first time around, but eventually, i got the hang of it better.

our pairs portrait 😉

we managed to get the pro the stop long enough for a photo

fact: i really enjoyed skating again. so much so, we are currently scouring craigslist for a pair of skates for me. got a lead on a ladies 9/9.5? let me know!


before amy gets to town, i usually ask “what do you want to do while you’re here?” that warrants a variety of replies most of which are equivalent to “whatever.” this time, however, she threw out one suggestion.

i’d like to go for sushi.

now we’re talking!

new westminster is the home of many great things (most notably the salmonbellies!) but the city also has an unquenchable thirst for a couple of things: loonie stores and japanese restaurants. for our saturday night dinner, i chose the newest place on the block, okonomi sushi on 6th street.

a quick check beforehand and i knew she rated herself an adventurous eater. she said she was willing to try anything. since she’s the meat eating representation in our duo, i didn’t have the experience to make sure she got the best of the experience. the restaurant has been getting rave reviews so i was hoping to hone in on some of their specialties, however a hook cast into twitter waters failed to yield an okonomi versed recommendation. it did, however, bring a few sage words about all around good choices and my little sushi noob jumped on them.

we started first with my favourites: edamame and gomae

the mango and avocado roll that keeps me coming back

baby’s first sashimi combo ~ sigh

the vegan fare

unaaaaagi 😛


and now, just like that, she’s gone again. another weekend visit in the books, another series of memories to be revisited with smiles and warm hearts far into our future, whatever it may bring.

i love you, bestie. xo


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  1. I love how I do look slightly scared in some of those skate photos.. although I really wasn’t at those particular moments. It’s all concentration! Concentration not to fall on my ass!

    I had a great time! I skated, I hockey’d, I sushi’d! Woot! I will have to begin my list of ‘to do’s’ for my next visit. This time I should be better prepared.

  2. I have to hereby take back any mention I might have made of you being short, Carly, as you have legs that just keep going and going and going and going…..

    LOVELY to see pictures of the both of you together and having fun! I am jealous of the sushi, both vegan and non, as I am a sushi virgin myself. Living in the Midwest puts you in dire fear of anything seafood + fresh as “fresh” means it’s been in a tank in an airplane for lord-knows-how-long or is being passed off as ‘fresh’ when it’s right out of the freezer, therefore rather defeating the idea behind sushi. So it’ll have to wait until I get to a locale where it makes sense, I think.

    Never been ice skating before and I suspect I’d be more on my ass than anything, given my track record with roller skates. 🙂

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