while we were out watching curling last weekend, i had an idea that i promptly shared with kevin ~ in the span of a single calendar year, i would do every typically canadian activity under the sun. you know…ice fishing, skating on a frozen lake, that kind of thing. for now, i take pleasure in immersing my darling american bestie in the culture that eludes her to the south. for the second trip in a row, we’ve taken some time out to check out a vancouver giants hockey game. that’s the third hockey game in total and i think she’s coming around.

the girls

the boys (my dad & kevin)

i knew it was going to be a great night when i won not one, but two! grand prizes as i walked in the door.
needless to say, a don hay bobblehead will be making its way back to portland on tomorrow. i’m that kind of friend.

tony the tiger – baffling

the most adorable little girl i have ever seen – she made even amy’s ovaries ache.
her night was made when the cheerleaders came by and let her use their pompoms.
near the end, she turned around in her seat and asked “so, how do you like the hockey game?”
the cute just didn’t quit.

next up…ice skating!

p.s. giants won!


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  1. Is Amy aware that there is a very good WHL team right here in Portland?! 😉

    Looks like you girls had a fun weekend. Good luck with the ice fishing whenever you get around to it.

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