magical thinking


sometimes you can receive things before you even know you’re asking for them. sometimes, they’ll just float right down into your life like feathers landing in your lap. my awareness was first piqued as a teen when i met the woman who became and still remains a huge influence in my life no matter how distant the continents on which we find ourselves. magical thinking was what we called it and how we shared it with her then preschooler (now 21 year old) daughter. essentially, it’s when you make something the focus of your thoughts, whether intentional or fleeting and shortly thereafter said focus appears. it’s when you think about someone and then run into them at the coffee shop around the corner the next day or when you wonder about something you loved once upon a time and then it turns up the next time you’re looking through your closet. (it’s also something easily scoffed at so carry on if that’s your flavour. i understand.)

i went for a much needed visit with my naturopath this morning. she’d been away overseas for the holidays and this was the first time we could reconnect. it was bliss. i explained to her my most recent challenge: hyper-sensitivity. as i told her, i’ve been really soft. it hurts me when i see people being less than kind to one another, when i see judgment or harsh treatment. i’ve noticed that i am suffering extreme empathy and it’s a little what i was referring to when i declared my newfound focus on my anahata.


always encouraging, a consensus was reached on which book comes with the highest recommendation and on a slip of paper, the title was written. complimentary to my regular acupuncture treatment, kristen put forward the idea of a visualization exercise. since i trust her 100% and i am game for that kind of thing anyway, into it we dove. she led me through each of the seven chakras.

deep belly breaths…
focus on red, representing my root chakra, my connection to the earth…
orange for my pleasure…
yellow for my power and vitality…
green for my heart…
blue for my voice…
indigo for my intuition…
violet for my awareness…


while the girls left the room, i was left to enjoy my treatment while contemplating each of my chakras. having entered the meditation with a clear intention to focus on the green, the heart, that is what i did. in the middle of my quiet time, while i tried to focus on green and how to bring it into my life, i was amused at the memory that kristen was wearing a green blouse in our appointment. it was a fleeting thought, but one i had nonetheless. it wasn’t a surprise to me when, upon entering the room again, the first thing k told me was how she’d spent the time telling her partner, “i almost never wear colour, but this morning…” i cut her off. i knew we were on the same page. after a few giddy giggles about how wonderfully connected we are, she left it at, “i wore this for you today, carly.” ❤

(coincidentally, i didn’t know that while i was telling that story to amy on our skytrain trip downtown, she was also wearing green. for me. ;))


in episode two of today’s magical thinking…

smash books. have you seen these? they’re basically micro-scrapbooks. books, fancy tape, stickers, paperclips, and all sorts of other funky tools. it’s been a long time since i’ve discovered something more up my alley than this.

thing is, as i told my mom who enlightened me on them and amy who i shared them with first, i’m doubtful that you really need to spend $20 on the book or give in to the other steep price tags to make it work. with a keen eye, you can pick up a lot of great little trinkets and embellishments for a lot less. throughout minor shopping trips last night and again this afternoon, i searched high and low for a new notebook to use for this project. i ran across a few of them, sure, and some were gorgeous. what none of them were: just right. i came home empty-handed. being the very blessed girl that i am, i didn’t stay that way for long.

thank you, laura, my special peach ~ xoxo
you, my darling friend, are a true beauty


one more little pic while we’re on the topic of my absolute spoilage…

cupcake liners! tea! notecards! keychain! personalized license plate!
do i need to tell you why or how i do adore ms. dex?
(and the goodies are just the gravy!)


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  1. Im totally getting into this smash book idea. Shit, why didn’t we think of this before. Wait, why didn’t SJ think of this before. She could be the multi-million dollar brain behind this!!!

    I can’t wait to get started!

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