so, today’s the day. my number one girl makes her way all the way up north to visit for the weekend. to celebrate, i even negotiated two days off. hopefully that makes up for the things i didn’t do. (clean the bathtub, vacuum the floors, move all the christmas boxes to storage, relocate all the clothes to the hamper…you get the drift.) thankfully, she says things like this:

fingers crossed she really means it!

with only a few opportunities to see one another each year, i’m super excited to see her again tomorrow. we have a lot of things to get done and a lot of catching up to do. best friends from a distance is not an easy job, let me tell you!

out with a friend last night, while wandering the aisles of the local michael’s, we had a conversation about prepping for company. i explained my exasperation that i hadn’t had the chance to get to tidying up my house. as a self-proclaimed neat freak, she told me about how in the early days, she’d obsess about cleaning before guests arrived. her partner would give her shit pointing out that everyone was there to see them not their stuff. my mom used to do the same thing with me when i’d get all rattled about an upcoming dinner party. “it doesn’t matter what you make, your friends won’t care. they aren’t there because of the food. they’re there to spend time with you.” stopping in at another friend’s house last night, she made excuses and apologized in all kinds of ways because the place was what she referred to as a mess. “now i know we’re really friends since i’m letting you see this,” she claimed. in the end, for all the time we spent there eating peanut butter and banana wraps before (freezing cold) run club, i didn’t even notice what was going on in the place. all her fretting was for naught.

i’m messy. it’s a fact. love me, love my mess. it’s the only way we can all win.

on the flip side, she will get to sleep in the brand new sheets my folks gave me for christmas before kevin and if she gets bored, her neatnik self will be well occupied with organizational projects of any size. 😛 let’s just hope she packed her flannel pjs. it’s c-c-c-c-c-cold in here!

it isn’t fixed. trust me.



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  1. Happy to be here as always! Taking time out of our busy schedules to be ‘in petson’ really is all that it’s worth in effort. We’ve so far managed not to tweet each other from separate rooms, but then again it’s only Saturday morning. The weekend is young! Thanks for making your house a home!

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