a whole lot of weekend


today kind of got away from me. mostly, this weekend’s been spent on the run. we’ve been out until late at night and up early in the morning. tonight did provide about an hour’s worth of a chance to relax a little and catch our breath, but otherwise, this weekend break hasn’t been much of a break from the bustle at all. while i started the weekend with a little bit of reading, sure, it also included…

…a whole lot of snow
this was my view at 6am on saturday morning – i nixed the run plans and forced myself to stay in bed (not easy for me at all)


…a whole lot of yoga (and a lesson that i’m not a fan of the sardine style of practice)
imagine this with twice as many mats


…a whole lot of driving
entering snowy everett, a bizarre pocket of blizzard-like weather

our early arrival afforded us a chance to roam the town (very cute and one i’m inspired to investigate)


…a whole lot of lacrosse
almost game time!

souvenirs (thanks, dean!)

kevin’s cousin’s blazing arrival on the floor (you can’t even see #73 for all the pyro!)

it’s probably impossible for anyone to tell, but two of my favourite players are in action in this photo, both #10s


…a whole lot of run club in the snow with hot tea and chats when we were done 🙂
not a ton of snow, but good enough for ’round these parts


…a whole lot of afternoon naps (okay, this is definition relaxation – i kind of forgot about that in the intro :P)


…a whole lot of continental cup curling

my boss gave me these tickets. as a business we sponsor them and as an avid curler i frequently relish every detail of her reports back from her curling club. the email she sent from home included the adorably nerdy signature i don’t mind sweeping when i curl.

this was my first experience of watching live curling – so fun!

the live tv telecast was being broadcast on the big screens to enhance the excitement of the draw


…a whole lot of exciting plans for the week including a visit from my pdx counterpart. we have some business to do.


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  1. Your weekend was a lot more fun than mine and that damn bathroom 😦 I need a roadie to an NLL game. That’s on the bucket list now.

  2. First, that snow event would have shut. This. Town. Down.

    I love busy weekends like that but also relish in the quiet, unwinding time when I’m home at last.
    I’ve just reminded myself I’ve still never been to a lacrosse game/ match…! Meanwhile, I’m going to familiarize myself with the game.

    See you in less than 72 hours!!!

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