motivational therapy


i can get pretty distracted. i am drawn off track pretty easily. that’s why i try to plug into the vibe from movers and shakers like julien smith, danielle laporte and chris guillebeau. even though it’s from a distance, they inspire me to keep making change and taking action.

** i strongly urge you to take a trip over to read the complete guide to snapping the @#$% out of it **

discovered the sketches at today…love ’em!

one on one, i have two people to turn to for the same kind of motivational therapy. both are co-workers, both are men and both could be referred to as b. one is in the east and one is in the west – that’s how we can keep them straight. generally, with both, i spend a lot of time in nerdy gushes over time-saving practices, efficiency boosters and our newest personal discovery in being more effective.

a few months ago, i was thrilled that western b said yes when i floated the idea of scheduling regular off-site lunches together. we did it once because he owed me one and it was so satisfying, i just had to plan some more. christmas kind of got in the way of our last appointment, but the next one came up today. tamarind hill provided the menu, we provided the conversation. today, he brought microsoft access and a whole lot of understanding and professional advice to the table while all i really brought was bitching. point is, he understood where i was coming from and why i feel the way i do, he offered a solution and we moved on to bigger and better topics. most importantly, he turned me on to this:

the 4-hour work week

in a repeat of what happened with kevin’s surgeon and the 4-hour body, b mentioned this book and my response was “i have that!” he sang its praises and i spent the rest of the afternoon fantasizing about an evening on the couch, book in hand. the hunger games just isn’t cutting it so i’m excited to give something new a shot. since i’ve already wasted most of my friday night on things like running and eating and not talking to bex (damn you, iphone!) it’s time for me to get started on what the weekend’s really about: relaxation. we’ve got plenty on the go in the next couple days so i need to take advantage of the lull. happy weekend to you! enjoy!


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