the big reveal


remember last week when i got all dramatic about whether or not to jump on an opportunity that fell in my lap? long story short: they wanted me and i wanted them…until i didn’t…but then i did again…then i got scared…but finally some sense was knocked into my head and i officially accepted. who is they, you might be asking. so, today was the big reveal and in case you missed it…drumroll, please…i’ve joined the il indoor staff and will now be writing for them on a regular basis.

yes, my first byline was jacked by my editor 😦
(real story: a little wordpress glitch required that since i hadn’t been setup on the site yet)

yes, i was a little bit shy about taking on this gig. yes, i’ve worked in lacrosse for years, but i hardly know what it takes to break down every little detail into words. i don’t know all of the players names, but i pick most of them up quickly. i do spend at least part of most summer nights in an arena, but i couldn’t tell you what combination of work and passion that is. yes, i love the sport, but i’ve never made a habit of dissecting it.

then i remembered: the people who are best at communicating something are those who just learned it. also, if writers committed to only working on the subjects that they knew inside and out, they’d each be entitled to only a handful of subjects. not a very lucrative scenario for the business minded.

obviously this has been on my mind for a while. once i suggested a timely topic that was accepted, i defied all things undeniably qc and i started working. five days ahead of schedule. (i know, right?) it wasn’t so much that i intended to turn over a new leaf, it’s just that i had plans for each night of the week and i wanted to stick to them just as much as i wanted to complete the article. day one: i set aside time while the apartment was quiet, i turned off my phone (and my tweetdeck) and i just dug in. within an hour, the foundation was there and sturdy it held straight through to the end product. after that, every afternoon or evening where i could fit it in, i would sit with my story and read it through, tinkering here and tweaking there. after 30 minutes or so, i would calmly click save and put it away for the day. finally, come the night before deadline, it just took me a few minutes to do a quick read through and it was ready for submission. no rushing. no panic. no late nights. no resemblance of my typical m.o.

what a difference! never (and i mean never) have i actually prepped for, well, anything. deadlines are made to be pushed has been my motto. it shocked and delighted me how peaceful a process producing a piece (ha! alliteration!) could be when a little mindful planning goes into it.

no matter the wonderful production experience, all the excitement has caught up with me and this girl needs a long winter’s nap.

please check out the site regularly. there’s tons of action going on over there all the time. also, have a look at my debut story: west coast report: cornwall heads wla junior draft prospects. special thanks to all the people who really got behind me on this and pushed me forward when i tried to take a step back. kevin, stephen, dan, jake…but, y’all know who you are. xo


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  1. You don’t give yourself enough credit! But I know its always hard to step up and do something we’ve never done before. You will be awesome at that, I know it. Good luck.

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