nourish ~ one week in


since we’re officially one week into the new year and the holidays already seem so long ago, i thought i’d review the first seven days vs. my resolution to live 2012 in one little word: nourish.

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

lazy isn’t something i am particularly good at. how can i be lazy when there is just so much to do!?! that’s one habit i’m trying to break. i’d like to learn to take things a little slower, to prioritize more and to place more importance on the things that give me pleasure and not just the things i think i need to do. i’ve come a long way in learning to go with the flow, but i still have a lot of work to do.

so, how have i lived nourish this week? i decided to break my report down into three categories, the three basic categories that really make up a person: mind, body & spirit (in no particular order. :))


now, this was the tough one. how does a person nourish their mind? nathan was particularly curious about how i’d pull this one off. when he asked, i answered honestly: i have no idea. i think it boils down to feeding the mind. how each of us do that is going to be different. for me, this means exploring the activities that interest me, learning more about the subjects that intrigue me and practicing creativity.

what i did

  • blogging – since i got started again and especially since i committed to posting regularly in november, i can really feel the difference it has made in my thinking, in my writing and in recognizing certain habits and tendencies in my life. it forces me to live with more accountability and i like that. it’s easier for me to tick off boxes on what i’m doing right and identify places where i can do better. without a place to organize my experience vs. my desired experience, even if that is done behind the scenes, it would be a much greater struggle to make the changes i am.

how i plan to improve

  • i didn’t make the progress i’d have liked with the vision board i have visions of. every day, i woke with fantasies of pasting and glittering the images i’ve been so carefully selecting, yet every day, i chose to do things other than work on it.
  • focus more effort on creative projects. i walk past by bag of knitting many time every day, but i haven’t picked it up since before my birthday (before christmas even?) my mind alerts to dishes that need to be done and emails that need to be sent, but it doesn’t tweak to fun that needs to be had.
  • i’m continuing my studies of the french language through ubc. arrangements have already been made, but i haven’t had news on when they’ll actually start.


this one is probably the easiest for me to manage. i’ve said it a million times, but i’ll say it again: the success of any change in eating habits depends on a commitment to preparation. so…i committed. and so did kevin. as the sole cook, he is limited on the ways he can help, but he has exercised

what i did

  • five runs
  • one walk
  • three swims
  • one yoga class
  • all meals homemade (we haven’t eaten out even once!) and made with whole foods
  • protein and fresh fruit & veggie smoothies every morning
  • zero coffee
  • 100% vegan diet (don’t worry, kevin’s still getting his meat fixes!)
  • honouring myself as a natural grazer (lots of little meals instead of a couple or a few big ones)

how i plan to improve

  • more yoga!
  • expand my cooking repertoire with more recipes (please share yours if you have ’em!)


much like nourishing the mind, nourishing the spirit is up for interpretation. i (here’s my moment of the big reveal) walk around feeling guilty and/or bad about a lot of things. i take responsibility for almost everything (even when it totally doesn’t belong to me) and it weighs on me a ton. to nourish my spirit means finding ways to sort out what i really need to take responsibility for, how to let go of the rest of the stuff and taking time out to nurture all parts of myself.

what i did

  • i took a leap (it won’t always be vague, i promise)
  • the following phrases came out of my mouth: “i know it isn’t the best timing, but i need to take a break” and, this morning, “i’m going to take today off”
  • this just in: i love listening to empowering interviews and spoken words while running much more than music

how i plan to improve

  • incorporate meditation into regular living (i’m kind of a willy-nilly meditator)
  • nature – we need to spend a lot more one on one time this year!
  • grow the love instead of the other stuff (see the gabby bernstein quote, below)


so, i’m off to a start that i am pretty satisfied with. life is good and 2012 is, so far, magical. ❤


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  1. Yes to everything! I saw that first image you posted on Pinterest right as I was thinking about my goals for this year, lying in bed and typing on my tablet. The thought struck me that I really need and love this time to quietly lay in bed and read, gather my thoughts, write or whatever, and how is that going to fit with my goals of accomplishing all these wonderful things in my head? Then I saw that picture and almost laughed out loud. The answer was right there, and as usual, you are thinking what I’m thinking. Thank you.

    • Yes! Of course we are on the same page! You and me, girlfriend, we can take this entire world by storm! Let’s put our heads and hearts together and do that! I can’t wait to hear what you have in store for this year (not what this year has in store for you!) but, first…a nap! 😉

  2. I’ve been learning to take time to cool it and take more things in, read more (my 2010 resolution will live on in 2012!). I thank you for encouraging me to blog consistently. I’m enjoying myself and finding new things to learn. I’m also putting to use all sorts of tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years and finding myself in a more positive place!

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