power cookies


on tuesday night, i managed to squeeze a yoga class in after work and before a business (super exciting possibility) call, dinner fixing and a date with my man at the pool. here’s what i learned from all that:

yoga + swimming = a very good night’s sleep

i’m not sure i even moved between the time my head hit the pillow and when i woke up to yesterday.

it was meant to be a relaxing day for me, yesterday was. after a few long months, i was really feelin’ a little bit of time off. since nobody at the office was too comfortable with my total absence, we negotiated. the result: half-days from home for the remainder of the week. i could certainly deal with that. better than nothing was my thinking. sadly, my half-day turned into a full one. and then some. eleven hours after logging in, i finally closed down that god-awful machine. (okay, i actually really like my job. it’s just annoying that i have to do it all the time. ;))

i really can’t complain too much. i was working from my couch, i did have all the tea i could ask for at my fingertips, break for a run in the rain and bake a batch of cookies while on a conference call. all that said…eleven hours. on my day off.


to the cookies

i have a couple of friends who are regular cookie monsters. or monster cookie bakers. so into gathering cookie recipes are rach and katelyn, they’re the first people i think of whenever i cross a new one. with this one, my mom did the crossing and the thinking was of me.

she mentioned it on christmas and my mouth watered just hearing the list of ingredients. i’d take a handful of most of the ingredients in a heartbeat and combined, i imagined a dreamy, delicious, energy packed concoction. it certainly didn’t disappoint. when mixing, it looked like the recipe was going to make a million cookies, but the end result was 24 big and hearty, chewy snacks. i don’t make a lot of cookies, but i definitely recommend these babies. the power cookie label certainly suits them.  they’d be the perfect snack to pack up for a hike or, perhaps, snowshoeing. (anyone??)


and speaking of recipes…tonight, i made this 15 minute avocado pasta for the second night in a row. if i had a list of the top ten recipes i stumbled upon last year, this would be near the top!


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  1. omigosh, yum-my! these sounds fantastic and, one could argue, healthy! yay!

    and i agree on the yoga = sleep thing. i’ve done a couple of bikram classes this week and zzzzzzz….

    • One could argue healthy. Not too too much sugar and lots of other good stuff. I’m not even kidding when I say they’ve inspired me to go for a hike. Kevin may not know it yet, but I think that’s what we’re doing today! 😉

      I was telling another girlfriend today that, though great, they were seriously pricey. I bought organic blueberries, spelt flour, cane sugar from Malawi and sunflower seeds and it cost me nearly $30! Thankfully I had everything else on hand. This recipe is definitely proof that vegan doesn’t need to be boring!

      Bikram, you say? I’m impressed!

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