i am a runner


it’s so funny to watch the way things all come together. they just always seem to add up. remember the last time i talked about clusters of coincidences? it was about confidence and having faith. today’s theme was all about what you say.


stereogum headlined their coverage of this article from rolling stone: black keys pick a fight with nickelback. it’s pretty self-explanatory: the black keys took the opportunity of being featured in rolling stone to bash nickelback.

off the top, let’s get a few things straight. i enjoy the black keys. i’m switzerland on nickelback. in a real fight, i probably wouldn’t even pay enough attention to take sides, but i do buy black keys records, not nickelback.

just the tweet got my back up. clicking on the link was a mistake. i’ve long thought it a waste of time to listen to what musicians (or actors or artists or anybody famous for good reason or none) have to say about things such as politics, charity, social issues, etc. it’s my position that musical artists/acts should stick to the music; athletes to the sports; novelists to the stories. it’s an insult to our intelligence to assume that we need a singer to help us decide how to vote. i’m getting off track here, but that’s where my philosophy is based. i don’t have much time for the opinions of celebrities.

when i read what was written in that article, it just made me feel really gross. and really disappointed. if, when given the opportunity to speak to any audience, large or small, choosing to speak ill of someone else says a lot more about you than words ever could about them. and none of it is good. i mean, i’d imagine he’s gotta have something to talk about, right?


so, on a morning when the first thing i saw soured me against the public fawning over famous people, it’s ironic that what excited me the most was also a look into the life of a celebrity. (in my defense, everything he has to say is 1. positive and 2. about his experience.) if you’re in any way a death cab and/or running fan, you’ve already heard the buzz about the runner’s world‘s feature on ben gibbard. the one in which he declares i am a runner.

it was a time in my life that i was trying to remove bad habits and pick up good ones. i never thought in my wildest dreams that would become a runner, but one day i was just at the gym i was going to and doing the elliptical or whatever, something kind of boring and i decided “you know what, i betcha i can run two miles” so i swapped over to the treadmill and i ran two miles. and the next day i went out, “i betcha i can run two and a half miles.” when i first started running, my body hated it. it was as if after i was done running, my body would kind of say to me “what are we doing? i thought we had a deal here. we don’t do this. we’re not the kind of body that does this stuff.

in the midst of hearing him explain his baby steps in running, my heart warmed. all of it rang so true. i remember when i first started running and that it exactly how it felt; like i didn’t belong there doing what i was doing. i never even wanted to be a runner. i didn’t even have a real desire to be active at all. i was simply burning off more newfound energy than i could sanely handle after adopting a vegan diet. now that running and i are reigniting our old flame, it was nice to be reminded. it does get better and i will make progress. i can feel that it’s just around the corner, but that gentle nudge was greatly appreciated.


to tie it all neatly together, trina (mother hen at gaming angels) swooped in to save what was left of the day and support me in that icky feeling i’d been dwelling on. as she so succinctly laid it out…

so true. such valuable advice. no matter where you are in life or what you do. hear that, black keys??


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  1. I saw the link to the article and completely avoided it. I think it might have been my subconscious saying “You don’t care.” I’m with you. Why would they even bother to say anything about Nickelback? Not my favorite band either, but really not worth my time discussing either. I believe there are some people who do good things with their celebrity, however this is a fine example of some folks like that like to ruffle some feathers likely just for some press. Why don’t you just make and sing your music and STFU?

    As of late, when I see or hear something negative, I just turn in the other direction. I don’t need it.

  2. The funny thing is that the part that bugged me the most about the article was the choice that the author chose to write (and I’m paraphrasing) “as he blew smoke out of his mouth”. First why highlight that? Smoking is a disgusting habit and the popularity of the Black Keys is influential. And second, I totally judged the guy being interviewed as a result. Weird, eh? (I am also Switzerland on Nickelback, though I do like to poke fun at them)

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