a hair affair


am i supposed to brush it?

if there had been more than two people there, the silence that fell over the salon might have been more obvious.

long pause.

bursts of laughter.

when i shared the story with kevin later, he gave me a look like i was crazy and said, “aren’t you supposed to brush it, like, 80 times a day?” who told him that?

so, in case i’m not the only one who had no idea: yes. you are supposed to brush your hair when you have it in any length.

a couple of years back, i declared growing my hair my goal for the future. part of that was jest, but mostly it was true. it was in the middle of the summer of 2009 and i was at amy’s place in portland. since then my locks have never been cut more than a few centimetres (look it up, america) at a time.

i have never ever ever had hair like i do now. to my dismay, when you have a great deal of hair, it doesn’t come with a manual.

a few things nobody tells you:

  • it gets stuck in everything: in zippers, under shoulder bags, in your mouth
  • your conditioner consumption goes through the roof! your locks just drink that stuff in
  • it isn’t as easy to handle as the ladies make it look

but, to that last point, my hair is finally getting to the point where i can do all of the dreamy things i’d imagined. problem is, my hands get all tangled and then the strands start hanging down. thankfully, my long-tim stylist came to my rescue on my birthday when i finally got my hair cut for the first time since june (july?) at first he scoffed at my expressed desire to rock some milkmaid braids, but he gave in and indulged me in a lesson. then he got rolling on knots, then more flippy things and braids and, oh my word! this is going to be fun!

(photos not available until i’ve mastered a really wicked technique to show off. for now, i’m sure bird’s nest interests nobody. but, yes, i did sport a flippy thing today and also received several compliments on it.)


on another note, today marks the anniversary of the birth of a fellow capricorn and dear friend, evey. she committed to completing nablopomo with me in november, but has hardly been seen since. pneumonia will do that to a girl, i guess.

happy birthday & get well soon, darlin’!


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  1. 2.54cm = 1inch. (And I didn’t even have to look that up. Memory baby!)

    In any event…. hair.. love it or hate it. I’m in an in between stage .. mostly I wear it up, because I don’t leave the house the majority of the week. Wash and pull up in clip. Hair day complete. But when I finally do leave the house I wear it like I always do.

    QC advantage of having thicker hair. You can do a lot more, well at least it stays put. Thinsy flimsy here only can curl so far.. but you know, I want to know about that rope thing. The stylist for Michelle’s wedding did a rope knot in the front of my hair and I’d like to learn how to replicate that.
    I remember that day when you came to town and you said “Well, does it look longer?” LMAO. Super happy that it’s to the point where you’ve always dreamed of… should we have a makeup and hair party like 14 year olds when I get there? 🙂

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