we are young


happy new year! like every other person i’ve heard from, our celebrations were kept pretty low-key this year. kevin and i spent last night at home on the couch, sipping the sodas of our choice and breaking down our experience of 2011. our discussion hit on our favourite experiences, what we’d learned, what we’d do differently and so on while the dick clark/ryan seacrest new year’s eve events played soundtrack on the tv. it was quiet and intimate and just what the doctor ordered. we stayed up until midnight, but i’m doubtful we were awake a whole hour longer!

we started out the year with great rest and relaxation. (*remember the word for this year*) i slept later than i have in months (954am!) and we very slowly roused and negotiated plans for the day. i laced up and started out with a run then followed up with a round of smoothies for everyone. (i’m pretty sure i saw sweet relief cross kevin’s face when he saw that the first one of the year was pink instead of green. :P) once we were both nourished and dressed, we hit the road. back in september, i introduced you to our enjoyment in taking a good old-fashioned drive. for a special day like today, we decided that’s exactly what we’d like to do. while last night we did our year in review, today we previewed what we have to look forward to (a lot!) back at home, a healthy mexican dinner was the cherry on this cupcake of a day.

i’m totally immersed in my creativity and up to my eyeballs in vision board content. visit any room in the apartment and you’ll find scissors, magazines bits of cut-out words and images. i’m hoping to get started on assembly sometime tomorrow, but in the meantime, i have a pretty good visual. i’m also putting the finishing touches on my resolutions and i expect to be posting a basic overview in the next couple of days. 2012 brings with it a whirlwind of activity. about that, i am thrilled!

vision board supplies


i totally don’t get this video, but boy do i dig the song.


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  1. Hmm. Video: Well. Hmm. That apple has to be a metaphor for something. What? Sex and death maybe. I am, too, greatly confused.

    So glad to hear your NYE was as exciting as mine!!! Although, I’m sure I would have rather been at home on my own couch. My drink of choice was rootbeer. Forgot how much I love that stuff.

    I know you won’t be sharing your vision board.. but I’m happy to hear you are making progress.

    • I realized at some point midday that last night I dreamed I was peeling the skin off my hand like it was an apple. (I do peel apples the way she does in the video, except I’m way better at it. It was killing me how much flesh was lost as she hacked away at that thing! Little did I know about the ending…)

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