a blessed birthday


yesterday, i swam in a swirl of happy wishes, kind words and an overwhelming abundance of love. i got to spend the day with kevin and to call the shots on everything we did. with the first day i’d had off work in a long, long time, i enjoyed some at the spa and some more at the salon where i welcomed my inner girly-girl out to play! my stylist gifted me the owner’s manual for my new (i’ve never had length like this in my life!) long hair; lessons in how to care for it and all kinds of cool new tricks i can do.  for the traditional birthday supper, i pulled rank and added a tiny twist. instead of sticking to the reservations at a venue carefully chosen by kevin (he was okay with it – i checked,) we barbecued at my folks’ place. hot dogs for the boys and veggie dogs for the girls. my favourite!

the celebrations ended like this…

and, in reverse order, here are all the things that came before that… (see bottom of post for a glimpse of the fantastic card my mom made me! ❤ )

perfume and jewelry
my mom has an amazing talent for a lot of things, one of them being the selection of unique gifts
that necklace is actually a $3 coin from the canadian mint and features my birthstone

at river market with my love
tea from great wall tea & lunch at crêpe des amis

frozen pineapple & berries + vega whole health powder + banana + coconut yogurt + coconut water

this may have been the first time my feet touched turf – i understand the appeal!

a stop at the flashy new field at queen’s park

an sunny and crisp early morning run was the best way to kick off a new year

my mom makes amazing cards. maybe it’s a girl thing or because i’ve just always been a card creator and/or mail obsessed, but one thing i look forward to at every occasion is seeing what kind of beauty she’s orchestrated. this birthday card might just be my favourite ever!






a few things that should be mentioned…darling and sweet tributes to yours truly featured on blogs by my pdx family amy & evey (and chris.) and this whimsical portrayal of me and my bike by my amazingly talented friend, howie. i did get to go for a bike ride on my birthday. yay! (my new and yet unnamed mode of transport is still stuck at my folks’ place.)

thank you, thank you, everyone!


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