birthday wishes


now that it’s my birthday, i can let loose the couple of things i’ve had in mind to celebrate. what i was waiting for, i have no idea and my inadvertent secret keeping was particularly counterproductive since it just never gave me (or anybody else) the time to organize a darn thing. that’s typical of me. accuse me of being a planner, but then ask my esthetician or my hairdresser how often i make an appointment in a non-frantic tone and does not include begging them to fit me in. (never) i’m cool with it. celebrations can be stretched and i’m going to take my time with this one.

y’all know i’ve been ruminating on my one little word for 2012. here’s what i’ve learned: nourish, to me, is strongly linked to indulgence. not indulgence in an ice cream sundae kind of way, but in a do what feels good kind of way. what i’ve also learned is what feels good is moving my body in new ways. i’m feeling extremely drawn to trying different experiences and activities. sadly, my partner in life can not be my partner in crime at the moment since his injuries still have him sitting on the sidelines. no matter, it gives me the chance to scope out some new and fun focus for future adventure. 🙂

here are the two things for which i feel a strong desire:

  • a good, solid yoga class ~ i don’t mean a kick my ass sweaty workout class, i mean a challenging exercise in movement with a strong spiritual link; something to break my routine and shake me up a little
  • snowshoeing ~ i’ve never done it, but all i envision is the sun and the snow and the walk and, well, it sounds blissful!

realistically, i spent 14 hours in the office yesterday all to ensure i didn’t have to go in there at all today. i’ll settle for that as reward and use my time to make that other stuff happen some other day. for now, i definitely have a little spa time cued up and i do believe dinner plans are in existence. the people i love and some time to enjoy them. that, more than anything else, makes for a very happy birthday.

i’ll gladly take your advice on how/where to make my winter wonderland fantasy a reality and i have my arms wide open to suggestions on where to treat myself to a yoga class. please speak up!


for me, i’m kicking off the year when i eatsleepbreathe nourish a couple of days early. that means this birthday girl is taking her cup of tea (i’ve re-adopted a terrible coffee habit lately – i think they come back even stronger!) back to bed his morning and will luxuriate in the time and freedom to relax, a heating pad and a very good book or maybe some blogs (know any good ones?) but, first, please know that my day began like this…

thank you, sweet amy and jonathon!

words are sometimes the best and biggest gift we can give someone we love

then my heart stopped…
friends forever facing whatever indeed xo

and now my gift to myself is rest…at least until my prince arrives. 😉


i just had to edit to share my new mug and tea combo, a gift from my lovely mother who has a little something to celebrate as well. she began a journey of her own on this date all those years ago.


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  1. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a beautifully relaxing day 🙂 I love your word for 2012! I’m still trying to decide what mine should be…
    Wishing you all the best in 2012 🙂

  2. Happiest of grand birthdays to you! You know, I was asked how old you were today.. and every.single.time. someone asks I can never remember.. til I look it up! Me, a girl all about numbers, always stumbles over this simple question!

    See you in a few weeks to have an appropriate bestie celebration!

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