the allure of a capricorn


i’m not sure if like attracts like in astrological terms, but i’ve been surrounded by fellow capricorns since the get go. with an aunt, a grandmother and a cousin who came barrelling into the world the day after me, i’ve never been scarce for those sharing my birth sign. for as long as i can remember since then, i’ve continued adding to my collection along the way. as it stands, there aren’t many days between december 22 and january 20 when there isn’t someone i know celebrating a birthday. while there are still a few days to pass before it’s my turn as centre of attention, a couple of very close friends will step into the limelight tomorrow. i had the honour of spending the day today with one of them, a man who i have always declared the most fascinating i’ve ever met and about whom i have sworn to one day write a biography.

this is roger. he turns sixty tomorrow.

roger and i are different in a lot of ways. where i am shy, he is boisterous. where i keep quiet, he speaks up. where i am embarrassed, he is shameless. despite all of that, we have a lot in common. we met somewhere around fifteen years ago and we were fast friends. we quickly developed a rhythm that found me listening intently while he regaled me with stories of his life from switzerland, where he was born, to canada, since he immigrated a couple of years before i was born. no matter our location, (restaurants, cafes, operas are some of the most common) we settle into the same pattern and i enjoy every single minute of it.

organic beer for him, soy chai for her

to mark our birthdays and the holidays and just friendship in general, one of us (the jury’s out as to who, we argued about it today) brought forward the suggestion that we get together this weekend. he suggested “some vegetarian place i drive by over on west something…” turns out, he meant aphrodite’s. (you won’t be the first to notice the spelling error. our waiter made it clear that it has received a great deal of attention over the years.)

note the phrase: no rain, no rainbows
it’s one of my favourite sayings of all

aphrodite’s is an organic cafe that serves up some seriously delicious dishes. we both opted for the quinoa cashew veggie burger that came with home fries and salad. yum!

if you don’t know aphrodite’s and/or didn’t check out the link up top, i’ll tell you something: they don’t fool around with the pies, either. available today were: apple, blackberry apple, raspberry rhubarb, strawberry rhubarb, blueberry, pumpkin, chocolate pecan, chocolate banana, chocolate raspberry. also, in the gluten-free and vegan category: pecan, raspberry rhubarb and strawberry rhubarb. phew!

yes, we were totally full after our lunches were done, but, really, how could we resist? i opted for pumpkin pie while he chose raspberry rhubarb that came hot and straight out of the oven, it practically melted all over his plate.

as usual, our meeting brought forth some fantastic stories that traversed the planet and it was also sprinkled with wisdom. he remembered back to when he agonized about turning thirty, thinking that it was half way to sixty.

the time from when i was born to when i turned thirty went so quickly…yeah, the next thirty years were no different.

if i had to list a mentor, it would probably be roger. while we’ve had entirely different life experiences, i trust him like no other. for me he is guide, brother, father, friend. as such, he offered me the following sage advice:

you are the perfect age. when you were younger, people thought you didn’t know anything. when you get older, people will dismiss you. if you were born with anything to say, you should make sure you get it out now.

you’ll need to wait for the book if you’d like to learn more about this man i so adore, but as a sign of the beauty of the day, here’s something we spotted on our way home.

happy birthday, roger! xo


also celebrating tomorrow is another friend who has done time as advice giver, hand holder, tear drier and adventure taker, @raidereno.
follow him on twitter, grow to love his acid tongue, just don’t try to sit next to him on an empty flight.

steve, me & brother tim
arizona, 2000 (-ish)

you see that there #12?
that’s gus frerotte and he threw for 375 yards. remember that day, haters?

happy birthday to you, steve! xo


there’s so much to be thankful for and friendship is certainly high on the list.


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  1. Queeniecarly ,

    You flather me ,it is always interesting and challenging to spend time with you .When did you take the photos ??
    Next time the desert is on you .

    Love you Roger

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