treats boys love


for everything that i have learned to cook this year – from pot roast to meatloaf and chicken soup – kevin has been a great sport. there is only one thing he has ever specifically asked me to make. given that, how could i resist?

if there’s one thing i’ve learned this week, it’s that boys love rice krispie squares. this is batch number two. since i didn’t track down christmas krispies, i improvised using green and red sugars to festivize the recipe. batch number one was split between my numero uno and one of his friends. i packed some up to send his pal off when we dropped him at the airport last weekend. when i told him i had them on me, he practically squealed.

we never had rice krispie treats when we were kids. i’m sure we tried them at friends’ houses and parties, but my mom never made them. i didn’t have the heart to break down for kevin just how simple their creation really is.

i just couldn’t leave them as boring old squares – you have to know me better than that!


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  1. Girls like them too… or so I’ve heard. 😉

    Some of my fave memories of college were the rice krispie bars they sold. They were the size (though thankfully not the consistency) of bricks. Gosh, that and a bottle of cold milk? I could almost fool myself into thinking it was a healthy breakfast. Delish!.

  2. Mike and I use to make them all the time.. I mean. ALL. THE. TIME. After all were are processed children. Christmastime was the best, yes, because of the colored krispies. Yay! But how fun you made them with cookie cutters. If I was only so creative back then!

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