the yoga teacher of my dreams


it took me a few days to process it and to be able to write in reflection. after my restorative yoga experience last weekend, i decided to give hatha class a shot next.

now, i’ve practiced hatha in the past. when i first got started with yoga, probably about fifteen years ago, when studios first started rearing their little heads, the yoga industry was predominantly based in hatha practice. where there was yoga, hatha was the style. ’round these parts, anyway. after i got a taste of them, i chased other styles in classes held in small rooms and basements until the market expanded and variety increased. as all of that took on a life of its own so did my opinion of hatha. in a word: boring.

when i showed for class the monday before last, one of the first things the instructor told us was “i teach mostly slower paced classes. restorative and yin are my thing. hatha is really wild for me.” oh boy.

i kept my mind and my heart open. i put away my thoughts on the style, refused to make judgment on the instructor and the other students. i put my focus on smiling sweetly and moving through the poses.

when i wrote about my first experience with restorative yogamitch mused that it isn’t necessarily the class, but the teacher that makes or breaks it.

true story. and this teacher totally made it. amy was a major attraction from the minute i walked into the store. she immediately approached me and initiated a conversation having no idea whether i was a part of her class or what. she was sweet and warm and totally adorable. later on, when approaching a few balance postures, she suggested that we “make a tree like no tree ever before it” (and an eagle like no other) by splaying our arms and hands in all different directions that suited our fancy, she absolutely stole my heart. from the front of the room, she both encouraged us to learn through the experience and supported us in making it our own.

it’s rather atypical for me to stick around after class, but i felt so comfortable with amy that i decided to run my question by her. what i had noticed was that my breath was getting stuck. as i explained to her, my inhales were deep, but i just couldn’t stop holding onto them in my chest instead of letting them go in a solid exhale. she listened and reached out to touch me with her response. she spoke carefully and showed a genuine interest in helping. she demonstrated a few kriyas and invited me to join her. together, we anchored down, dug in and breathed hard and strong until we could do it no longer. something in me broke wide open. i was completely overwhelmed and felt like i was going to cry. scratch cry, i felt like i was going to bawl my eyes out. the link between my breath and my emotions was so intense i was astounded. i knew the theory, but living it made it so crystal clear. as overwhelming as it was, i realized i am ready and willing to tackle some of the turbulence being stored inside me.

she’s simply magnetic, right?

sadly, i couldn’t return to her hatha class again this week. on the upside, she offers one on one yoga classes through her business, the blending bar. i am positive that our crossing paths was entirely meant to be. realizing the work i need to do and the level of comfort she inspires in me, i’m convinced that some solo time will be hugely beneficial and i just know that amy is the person who can facilitate my growth. while (reducing) spending is a major focus of mine in the new year, i’m looking forward to this very worthy investment in myself.

also, she totally cured my hatha meh. 🙂


in new west or willing to venture here? amy teaches on monday evenings at shine. confirm her schedule here before planning your trip.


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