what babies learn, twitter brain & a cat


some of the most important learning we ever do happens before we’re born, while we’re in the womb ~ annie murphy paul

now, i’m a sucker for this kind of thing. i’ve been reading about child development since before i was even biologically ready to be a parent. i believe that the findings presented in this lecture by annie murphy paul should be fascinating for anyone, but particularly for those with interests similar to mine. the effects on language and emotions are incredible enough, but the nutritional impact – from taste to the physical impact of food – just blow me away.

we are an amazing species, i tell you.

a huge thank you to my old friend (in duration, not age!) adrian crook for posting this phenomenally intriguing presentation.


a quick follow of annie murphy paul on twitter and i was introduced to some more very interesting stories about learning and how we do it. this one in particular has me thinking…books vs. screens: which should your kids be reading?

frankly, i’ve been a little concerned about my own ability to focus while reading lately. it may be a workload issue, but i just can not get it together when it comes to cracking the spine of a book. i think about reading all the time, but i just can’t ever get it together enough to actually do it and if i do, i fall asleep almost immediately. could it be twitter brain? damn. (i’m susceptible to suggestion, okay? one time, kevin convinced me that i had adhd just by telling me so…)

a few friends at work have come to my rescue and promised me that the hunger games will be the book to break my dry spell. one even brought me a copy – the well-worn kind with turned corners and bends in the covers – my favourite!


and a cat…

his name is floyd and i’m sure he’d like nothing better than a safe and warm home for christmas
he’s currently up for adoption in new west – if you have a space in your heart and some love to give, he’d be more than willing to reciprocate


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  1. If my cat weren’t already about to run away from home because he thinks we don’t love him anymore (we do), and also hates all other felines, then I’d give Floyd a home just because his name is Floyd. I have a fish named Clyde. Clyde and Floyd sound good together, non?

    Have you watched the Ted talk on “the birth of a word” (http://www.ted.com/talks/deb_roy_the_birth_of_a_word.html)? I found it fascinating! I love the science of babies stuff too. Right now I’m reading a book called “What’s going on in there?” and it’s quite good. I am reading it extremely slowly and hope to finish it before my babydoll can read it for herself. Haha.

    • Fantastic! Thanks for the share, babydoll! That’s actually how I got my start in the topic: how children learn language. Absolutely enthralling! (Can I borrow your book? After I. is done, of course…)

      Clyde & Floyd sound good together, but only until Clyde is swimming around in Floyd’s belly. He’s a sweet, cuddly boy, but I didn’t say he wasn’t sneaky! He’s still a cat! 😉

  2. I’m finding it difficult too to open the pages, mostly reading online etc. funny thing…I downloaded Kindle for the iPad and read my very first book online….The Hunger Games. Review? Page-turner, Ted. Intriguing concept, check. Literary excellence, not so much. But entertaining for sure. I’m intrigued to see the movie in march.

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