o christmas tree, o christmas grief


my mom says she doesn’t remember a year when she didn’t fight with my dad in some way related to the christmas tree. it’s with laughter she says it, but that’s always well after the fact. this year’s drama may be best put on the shelf until it thaws in the new year.

earlier this month, i received the following message on my phone.

of course, there were plenty more messages describing the situation in greater detail, but you get the gist. it seems that my folks had company in the ring. this year, at least.

it got me wondering…maybe this is just one of those things. you know, like the direction of the toilet roll, how the toothpaste should be squeezed or who takes out the garbage. does the procurement and assembly of a christmas tree always result in some conflict?


two weeks later, i’m happy to report that, at least in our case, the answer to that question is no.

last weekend, in the midst of the fiesta of lacrosse, kevin suggested we pick up our tree. since every weekend has been non-stop activity and if we waited for that to change, it might be a valentine’s tree more than christmas, we knew we had to fit it in when we could. after some debate and additional research, we had no answers on where to find a little tree lot so we settled on the closest sure bet we knew: ikea.

see that poor tree all on its own? that’s ours.

we i lugged the tree upstairs and set ‘er up in the stand. for five days, that’s how it stayed. we just didn’t have the time to decorate.

a few times i even looked at it and thought “maybe we should just let this tree be a tree”

finally, last night, we strung two sets of lights, but it became clear that it wasn’t quite enough. thankfully, my folks had informed me that they had more if we needed them. turns out we absolutely did. wrench in plan: they weren’t home. huh.

that brought us to today. once the lights were completed, we came to the sad realization that this weird little tree was not going to house the abundance of decorations that are packed away in my storage. instead, we had to choose carefully. what’s on there is made up mainly of the ornaments that my folks had when they first got married and others i plucked from what was left over when we emptied my grandparents’ house last year. vintage. just our style. ❤

the details:

raggedy ann & andy have been on every tree ever since i was a baby

one of a few remaining origami cranes that i made once upon a time

we don’t have a star so kev chose this heart to top the tree

the final product:

our first christmas tree


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  1. I think it’s a beauty! I love your ornaments…my parents asked me a few years ago what I wanted for Xmas…I wanted all our old ornaments and I recieved them 🙂 BTW I think Kevin was right…your tree is great and love his tree topper (very sweet)

  2. That bell shaped ornament 3 pics down .. i have several of those that were my Nana’s. I didn’t put them on the tree this year because I was overwhelmed with my abundance of decor and the fact that I have a noble and not a lot of branches. I do love them though!

    It turned out perfect, that there tree of yours!

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