sometimes the details *don’t* matter


you know when the anvil drops out of the sky and crushes some old school cartoon character in his tracks? a slow motion version of that is happening to me right now, except the anvil is labelled christmas.

eleven more shopping days? seven or eight more days of postal service? (does christmas eve shut the post office down on the 23rd?) good god, i am behind.

then, like a twinkling of little snowflakes, a reminder fell into my lap courtesy of the divine alexandra hedin and her blog

so, not only is she the mother of three kids under the age of four (!), she’s also just moved into a new place and lacking her go to holiday decorations this year. still, her home looks like this. for an outsider like me, it’s a wonderland, but she’s still aware that there are some things missing. (i urge you to get familiar with alexandra’s work. she makes the most amazing and beautiful creations and, based on what she’s showing, she knows how to make the best of things.)

the reminder, my takeaway: things aren’t going to be perfect.

tru dat. they just aren’t. thing is, that can be half the fun.

kevin and i bought a christmas tree the other day. we brought it home and stood it up and cut the string and there is has stood since then, waiting until we can be home long enough to decorate. (soon.) as it relaxed and shook out from how it’d been crunched up for transportation purposes, i was, to be quite honest, disappointed. i said “i think our tree sucks. it has branches everywhere and the needles are dropping and it looks like a mad scientist!” what i meant was that it wasn’t perfect. when kevin emerged form the bedroom, he asked, “what are you talking about? that tree is awesome!” since then, he’s muttered several “i love our tree”s and “that tree’s amazing”s as he’s passed it. he even told my parents how great it is. truth is it really isn’t perfect, but maybe that’s what makes it so. it’s ours and that’s what counts.

i’m behind on my shopping. i’m worried i’m never going to find that gift that just makes me giddy just to give it. my cards still aren’t (all) written. i need stamps. there are packages that need to be bought, boxed and mailed. there is baking to be done. my house isn’t clean! i could go on and on (and on and on…) about all the ways that i’m not as prepared for the holidays as i’d like to be. the fact remains, christmas *is* coming. all i can do is my best in making it as joyful and magical as i can despite my time and resource limits. if i don’t, this might go down in the books as that year i was miserable at christmas. i could dwell and get down on imperfection now, but that’ll only write myself a prescription to continue to do so straight through the new year. um, no thanks.

our tree can be crooked, our ornaments mismatched, cookies can get a little too brown, egg nog can spill, decorations can hang crooked. we’re making the memories of our very first christmas and i’d rather enjoy every close and enjoyable moment we spend together than forget that i spent all of my time perfecting exact lines in gift wrap or hunting down something or other in the stores. i am thankful that we’ll be together this christmas and intend to make the most of that unexpected gift.

you take what you’ve got and you make the best of it. without that, all the tinsel in the world can’t make the holidays happy ones.


i have to write these little love letter reminders to myself because i do tend to get hung up on details. (i also do a lot of back patting when i can get over them and let them go.) i come by it honestly. my mom’s the same way. no matter how out of this world enjoyable a dinner or event she’s put together fantastically, she always gets hung up on the one tiny thing that didn’t go according to plan in spite of the fact that nobody else even noticed. it’s a curse, but one i’m trying to help her (and, through her, myself) work through.

here’s the card she made to send to me at my office. ❤


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  1. It’s all about the little things. You’ll never remember if you missed putting out the special cookies for company, but you will always remember the fun and smiles you have with special people.

    Thank you for the card; I got it in the mail this morning and it is beautiful!

  2. You will never be miserable at Christmas. It’s your thang, Girl. Perfection is overrated. Or so people tell my OCD self!

    Give yourself a break and have an eggnog while admiring your tree. It is beautiful. All Christmas trees are beautiful. Just ask Charlie Brown.

  3. Ah yes. I know. This place is a disaster currently and nothing is getting as done as I’d like it. Much luck to you B. Keep fighting the good fight and you know what? Christmas will be here and it will be fantastic.. no matter what!

  4. So glad to know I am NOT alone!! This blog is a great reminder to enjoy the reason for the season, and not get caught up in the “stuff” that can get in the way. I once wrote a Christmas poem entitiled “‘Twas the Week before Christmas, and I have the flu”….I sent it out instead of cards and everyone LOVED it! I”ll repost it sometime on my blog (this week or next….) <—whenever I get around to it!! 😛 Have a GREAT day, Carly!!

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