if we don’t expect miracles then why are we here?


gabrielle bernstein came to me via lissa rankin as proof that once you open up endless wealth will come to you. ask and you shall receive. seek and you shall find.

spiritual health. what does it mean to you? i don’t mean what do you believe, i mean how do you find peace in what you believe and what strength does that peace bring to you?

i’m between gigs. i’ve been a devout non-believer, but parts have me have begun to wonder if there isn’t something to be said for spiritual practice. i have no faith and, frankly, i’m starting to feel like i need to find some. in some ways, i’ve started to. through that, i am becoming a calmer and softer person. i am better able to smile through something unpleasant, letting it go instead of arguing. i’m learning skills that seem to be absolutely fundamental to living a life in peace and realizing i spent so much time wastefully trying to resist what came naturally.

gabby speaks to one of these skills in her ted talk, below.

step three: forgiveness. as gabby says “practice the f word like a full-time job, folks.”

forgiveness is the key to recalibrating that loving presence…forgiveness is the catalyst for your greatest change.

there is a part of me that believes responsibility more important than almost anything else. the first order of business for this lingering warden is to find out whose fault? or who’s the blame? an absolutely fair overseer, she is equally heavy handed when it comes to my mistakes as to those of others. for her, forgiveness is a very challenging concept. forgiveness makes her method of categorizing null. with forgiveness, there isn’t even any point to blame.

i am aware of miracles because i see them and i live them all the time. i am growing that awareness into a belief – confidence, faith, absolute trust in each and every move, turn, twist, breath so that, one day, i will no longer need to think about it. instead, it will just be.


according to my intro to gabby…

Those who are spiritually healthy:

  • Attain better health overall.
  • Live 7 ½ years longer than those who aren’t.
  • Have lower blood pressure and decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Are less likely to be depressed or suicidal.
  • Get less cancer.
  • Are mentally more healthy.
  • Have stronger immune systems.

what do you do to nurture your spiritual self? are you familiar with a course in miracles?


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  1. I’m so glad that Gabby is a master at forgiveness and peace. She looks like she could take Madonna out in a back alley! Those arms!
    I watched a silly movie called ‘My Idiot Brother’ the other night. He is basically considered a moron because he chooses to live by the ideal that people are all good inside. He sets his expectations high in the hopes that Mankind will, in return, choose to live up to them. He is trusting, forgiving and kind to the point of being considered an idiot and doormat to all those around him. It was a touching tale and we could all use more of his idealism.

    Be kind and forgiving to others. It does a body and soul good!

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