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i’d almost forgot that i’d made an appointment to get my yoga on saturday morning. thankfully, a little email reminder lived up to its potential and my day was worked accordingly. after a brisk and chilly walk all the way across town, i made it to class a few minutes early.

remember i told you about shine, that adorable little boutique that was relatively new to the royal city and offered yoga in one of the little back rooms? the place for which i bought the groupon? (if you need a refresher, find it here.) well, i finally made my way back there for class number two.

there a few minutes early, i got to explore the changes that had been made to the place. they’d moved a few displays and put up a tree, etc. i also discovered the shine skin care collection. i’m particularly interested in a dry shampoo that they had on the shelf, but not on the website. santa could certainly stuff my stocking with that! 🙂

yay for cozy teahouse christmas settings

totally handmade, entirely vegan shine line of beauty products
it smells divine ~ i only want everything!

to the yoga…

i’ve been meaning to get to a class ever since i was walking out of the last one. i also had intentions to be rocking the yogavibes subscription i have. trimming time to accommodate the project i’ve mentioned gone on and on about, time didn’t allow either. now that my schedule’s becoming more forgiving, it’s time to take my yogic life back! (hey, when @yisforyogini understands the challenge of getting your groove back well enough to write about it, i don’t feel so bad!) there are a variety of classes offered at shine, but with a super packed weekend, i had to get in where i fit in and signed up for the 10:15 engagement: restorative. in a lot of ways, i am detail oriented. in other ways, i just totally wing it. this is one. maybe i’d read the description, but that didn’t mean i had a clue what i was walking into.

restorative yoga. hmmm… i’m honestly not sure what my opinion on it is. i’ll need at least one more class to decide. having a background primarily based in ashtanga, restorative is, quite easily, the opposite. it’s slow and without flow, moving from pose to supported pose and holding each for five to seven minutes at a time. the postures are not difficult and, for anyone who is used to a more vigorous practice, there is nothing physically challenging going on. the work comes in the stillness that’s required: in the body and in the mind. we’re rarely completely settled in all of our functions and restorative yoga provides a great opportunity for stillness while aligning all parts of our being. done correctly, small actions with large meditations. i’ll admit that i found myself craving more demanding action in the 1.25 hours i was there (read: i was a little bored.) this speaks to my inexperience. learning to slow down and to calm my thoughts is something for me to work on. as part of a plan and in combination with another style of practice or to slow down from a more strenuous regular activity, restorative yoga would be ideal. i didn’t notice much at the time, but a day later, it’s given me a rather pleasant and lingering feeling of strength and alignment.

i should note that the instructor was very sweet, but also very young and she came across as rather inexperienced. she worked from notes she had in a book which didn’t bother me because she made up for it in effort and seemed to know the party line she was toeing. she just needed a little coaching with the details, i guess. a veteran teacher might have provided me more take away, but we’ll see… i’ve already registered for a repeat next saturday. fingers crossed i’ll make time for some more vigorous movement before then so that i will appreciate the contrast even more. 🙂


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  1. It’s all in the teacher and the studio.
    If you don’t feel the love, try another studio.

    I have tried several even though I have a main studio here in Calgary that I will always go to.
    Some suck
    Some are ok
    Some suck but have great teachers
    It’s that perfect combination of teacher and studio energy that makes it all come together.



  2. When I’ve actually done yoga, I hate it during, but so much enjoy how I feel after the fact. It definitely takes getting use to, for me, and I’m quite intrigued to get back into it. I just feel more…whole.. afterwards. But holding one position for that long? Hm.

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