lacrosse fever


we have a busy couple of days before us and, fortunately, i’m feeling much more able to handle them now. my project hit a major milestone just over one week ago and we have now moved to working in the post portion of the timeline. i was explaining the project to someone tonight and (as usual) he was astonished at the magnitude of it. after keeping my head down and just pushing forward, i’m finally able to breathe a little. now that i am looking back on it, it was a massive undertaking, i did devote a ton of my time (and my life) to getting the job done, we were extremely successful and it does reflect very well on me. 😀 i’m recognizing this as a time of a coming down. adrenaline is slowing and life is returning back to normal. i’m still not sure how i feel about that. there were times when i thought i wouldn’t survive the project and there were times when the rush of deadlines and the long lists of things to do were completely overwhelming…and somewhat addictive. really. in hindsight, there are a lot of things i liked about working in this software and on a project. while i’ll be doing the follow up and wrapping up loose ends for another few months, someday soon, i’ll have to kiss my local implementation experience goodbye.

i am attributing my atypical under the weather feeling over the past three days to relief. (now that the pressure is over, there’s time for my body to recover a little. how timely that i came across the lissa rankin lecture when i did!) what does that mean to me? getting out of the office after a normal nine hour day most of the time, quiet evenings spent reading at home, deliciously crafted homemade meals? well, perhaps. but only if i can fit them in around all the other stuff i’ve got on the horizon.

what dawned on me today was that i finally have the opportunity to take my other job back. yeah, some people adopt hobbies to help them relax in their downtime. me? i do that, too. then i go out and get another job. and when i get a handle on that other job? i push the expectations.

they gave me a trophy, i gave them my heart

as a side gig, i do pr and sm for the new westminster salmonbellies, the most historic lacrosse club in the entire world. (well, probably. in canada, for sure.) i managed to keep the aforementioned project from creeping into most areas of my life, but this is one area where that didn’t work out so well. the high pressure of the past year just didn’t allow enough flexibility for me to perform the way i believe i should. add the drama that my body threw into the summer mix and whoa. fortunately, i work for a patient and understanding (strategically hidden traits, but believe me they’re there) man who bore with me and showed endless support despite my absence and my status as overwhelmed and somewhat distracted staffer. but we’re over that now. all of it. and he still trusts me completely and gives me all the freedom to do exactly everything i want with the club. the road before me is wide. open.

this is the revelation i had today. a few text messages exchanged with the boss man and a listen to an interview he did for in lax we trust this afternoon and i was hooked. (rehooked?) i have lacrosse fever.

in lax we trust interview with dan richardson
his call begins just before the 21 minute mark
he mentions me at some point after that 😛

any lacrosse fan knows that tomorrow‘s a big day for the sport and this city. the langley events centre is the hub of a whole lot of events including an exhibition game in preparation of the upcoming national lacrosse league season. we’ll be there tomorrow night. so will seven of my players and everyone else involved in the game locally. the lacrosse community is buzzing with excitement this weekend and i’ve gotten all caught up in it, too. our season may be five months away, but any lacrosse action just gives me more material to work with in our off-season.

go bellies!!


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