it is not in my comfort zone to open myself up to absolutely everything and everyone. i am almost paralyzingly private. i think and rethink every single detail that i share here and everywhere and i limit it very carefully. this surprises people. i guess i come across as though i am sharing every minor detail, but, truth be told, there are plenty of things going on in the background. it’s not that i am living a different life behind the blog, it’s just a fuller one. i believe in the benefits of blogging and social media, but i also believe that there is a place for authenticity that is deeper than the persona that i present online. there is internet qc and plain old irl carly-ann. each has different material to work with.

day two home from work meant filling my time with more expanding research online. i stumbled across a ted talk with brené brown called the power of vulnerability. through a phenomenally enlightening presentation, she walks through her beginnings as a researcher working on the subject of communication and moves on to her findings of how profoundly vulnerability can affect our lives.

people who have a strong sense of love and belonging
believe they are worthy of love and belonging

the wholehearted
-have the courage to be imperfect
-have the compassion to be kind to themselves first
-have a connection as a result of authenticity
-fully embrace vulnerability

this magic pixie (you have to watch to get that joke 😉 ) takes viewers on a walk through her experience form beginning to end and it’s one that touches every single aspect of her life. how she relates her desire to find a therapist (yes, to help her cope with the results her research was producing) is absolutely hysterical and entirely endearing.

again, i’ve watched this over and over. i’ve scribbled more notes all over the book i began yesterday. most importantly, to brené’s recommendations for living:

let ourselves be seen
love with our whole hearts
practice gratitude and lean into joy
believe that we’re enough


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