“if we ignore the whispers of the body, the body begins to yell”


i did something i never do today. i stayed home from work. i’ve been having these awful headaches periodically over the past year or so. they come and they go and, for the most pat, i can manage them. i don’t complain (much) and i hardly ever take any medication. i’m of the belief that there is something underlying – lack of food, sleep, vitamins – and treating just the symptoms is not the ideal way to go. not for me, anyway. last night and again this morning, however, i had to cave. the only thing i could do was stay in bed in the dark. i couldn’t read because either the act or the light hurt too much. thankfully, through a quick check of my email, i found this amazing ted talk by lissa rankin and the great thing about videos is that you can just sit and just listen to them. one led to another and another and i’m excited that i managed to add some productivity to my sicky morning.

i started with this phenomenal woman, physician, artist, enthusiastic cheerleader for health who first came on my radar earlier this year. i’ve mentioned her and her owning pink site a number of times, most notably when they offered me a scholarship for the maybe baby program. her lecture focuses on what she calls our medical epidemic and, frankly, it restores some of my faith in the medical profession.

there is no pill to treat it
there is no lab test to diagnose this epidemic
the is no vaccine to prevent it
there is no surgery to cut it out

as i listened (three times) i scrambled for a notebook and a pen. my notes scratched across pages and pages. i believe in every single word she’s spoken. let me know if you listen to it, too.


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    • Thanks for the link, Howie. I’m just sitting in a doc’s office so I’ll check it out when I get home.

      I loved so many things about that talk. As I’m waiting, I’m realizing that I have spent all year trying to articulate her idea of a Health Cairn! At least I have a name for it now!

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