massage & meditation in the mountains


one small detail of our weekend getaway was so very special it warranted a post of its very own. the massage.

while we’d made the decision to do something special last weekend, you might wonder why whistler? truth be told, it was all thanks to groupon. months ago, this deal came up and i couldn’t resist the opportunity to run away. not only did it include a night at the lodge, but also massages for two and a credit in the restaurant.

once we’d roused ourselves from basking in the glow of the snow from outside and the fire in the room, we made our way down to the ashram spa for our 11am appointment. a quick change into comfy robes and we were ready to go. our quick paperwork management was even rewarded with some extra time to spend in the steam room! (my favourite!)

the wide open space of the spa was so welcoming

water, tea and a gorgeous view to admire

i’d had no idea that this was kevin’s maiden massage voyage. i guess i’ve just had enough over the years, i forgot that his experience has been different from mine. we got all set up in our beds and the festivities began. his review: it was pretty good. mine? the best massage i’ve ever had. ever. (one thing i have to wonder about…what’s the point of couples massage, really? i’d never had one before and i’d never contemplated what that was all about. having been there, i now have no idea what that’s all about. there’s nothing wrong with it, i guess i just didn’t detect the advantage. anyone??)

my masseuse was great. her touch was good and consistent and she didn’t torment any of my sensitive muscles too much.

the greatest part of the massage was what happened within me. very shortly into the 1.5 hour appointment, i noticed my awareness drifting in and out. it wasn’t that i was falling asleep (which i am prone to do,) it was the way i was managing my thoughts. in those quiet moments, little worries and niggling stresses arose. it began when rebecca was getting started and asked, “have you had that mole checked out?” it was a fair and very responsible thing for her to ask. it was also something that has been on my mind (and, as kevin would point out, something i’d been talking about for a few weeks.) i would normally obsess over something like that and, believe me, i started to. all the work i’ve been trying to do must be paying off because after a minute or two, i realized that i was squandering the enjoyment of the experience because i was fretting over something that i had no control over and that couldn’t be impacted in the moment, anyway. right then, i made the decision to knock it off. somehow, there on that table, i just started putting things away. my imagination constructed a set of shelves while my mind packed my worry into a box. as i put that box onto one of the shelves and left it there, all of the anxiety i’d attached to it just floated away. even when i tried to go back to my concern, i had to work to remember it because it was like it wasn’t even there. i started with the mole, and then it felt so great, i decided to box up all of my other concerns. i’ve attempted meditation plenty of times in my life and some have been more successful than others. i’ve never thrown in the towel because i have dipped my toes enough to know that i believe in its powers and now even more so. i gasped when i walked into that gorgeous spa, but i had no idea how much of an impact my treatment would really have on my life.

i found this on the cover of a magazine while i relaxed with a cup of tea when we were done. the words are so attractive and seductive, aren’t they? i took this photo and then i realized that i don’t need another writer to tell me how to live the life i love. sure, i crave inspiration and desire ambition on a daily basis, but i already have everything i need especially the amazing and beautiful partner who made this weekend possible and makes dreams happen every day.


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  1. I’ve never had a massage and, frankly, I’m not sure if it’d be worth my time to do so or not. I’ve never been able to get into back rubs, either — it’s like I can’t relax enough to let someone else make me feel good. I’m always the giver of such things, never the receiver, and I’m really not sure if I know how to do so. I don’t think I ever really learned.

    I like those places and times where your mind can disconnect enough to file crap away and let go of control of things. This is why I find international travel so very relaxing — I know that I cannot be contacted easily, or found easily, and that everyone is expecting me to be gone/unavailable, so my mind starts letting go of the constant burdens. It’s nice here and there to experience that.

    • You know, I used to think the same thing, Nathan. I’d say it’s worth giving it a shot because a few good experiences totally changed my mind. (I decided to give in because I was in pain and opted to try that as therapy.)

      It was a really great experience and, yeah, I totally hear you. Away and untouchable opens us wide up, doesn’t it? For as amazing as it feels, it’s surprising that we don’t focus more time on making it possible to be that version of ourselves all the time… (can you hear the wheels turning?? 😉 )


    Maybe it’s living in the Midwest.. hell I don’t know.. 🙂 Massages can be intimidating.. but the opportunity to let go and have someone help you relieve your stress, if ONLY for an hour.. best. thing. ever. You might still feel stressed after you leave, but in that hour.. there is nothing to think about but relaxing with no demands on your being.

    I dare you to check it out. Double dog dare.

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