taking time out


by many accounts, 2011 has been a beast of a year for a lot of people. kevin and i had our own experience that made it tempting to bury ourselves under the covers and hide out until the arrival of 2012. knowing that wasn’t an option for a few reasons (health, lack of time, my insistence on living thoroughly through every experience both good and bad,) we did the next best thing. we made plans to hide away for a night in a winter paradise just up the road.

before you get to whistler, you think this kind of view is a big deal.

it’s not until you make it further up the road that your awe is going to be challenged over and over for the duration of your stay. this place is full of the kind of natural beauty that you just don’t ever take for granted.

ages ago, my sister/soulmate/mother/friend lived in a gorgeous house in whistler for a while. for that time, i spent approximately half of my days there (those i didn’t, i was stuck working in the city.) i had a network of friends and a lot of good times. to answer your next question: neither…i didn’t ski or snowboard.

on the skytrain down to meet my beau, the day a distinctly best! day! ever! feel to it. after he picked me up, we got great wintery warm drinks for the drive. we listened to good music. we talked and we laughed. as designed, the whole wide world narrowed to just the two of us from the beginning to the end of the trip.

and once we were introduced to our room at the hotel, our desires for a quiet and private getaway were solidified.

great space

great decor

phenomenal view

why would we leave?!?!

we didn’t even work up the ambition to get out to eat.
sandwiches, soups and mash drinks for lunch, room service for supper. 🙂

once the leafs game was over and sufficient lounging had been done, we did finally make a venture out of the room. whistler can be a crazy wild party when you want it to be, but i learned that it can also be beautifully peaceful.

we circled the village a couple of times then trekked further into the outskirts, visiting neighbourhoods filled one end to the other with astonishingly beautiful homes. our adventure on the resort side of the highway took us on winding roads and single lane streets up, up, up to the height where we were level with a groomer working on a run right in front.

what a therapeutic day. it felt like time stood still, all alone we were, and that is the perfect circumstance to have for a romantic night in a winter wonderland.


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  1. Beautiful things indeed! Nothing compares to Whistler this time of year, or anytime of year. I always tell people that Whistler is where my soul lives and it greets me at Creekside every single time I come back. You’re so lucky to have been part of the life and culture!

    • You’re totally right and I feel the same way. I had misplaced the part of me that thrives there, but I’m so glad to have reconnected. Honestly, I believe that it’s better to just visit. That way, you’ll always appreciate it.

  2. Seriously. You always stay at the most inviting looking hotels. Hell, why haven’t WE gone on a trip together yet? Paris, anyone?

    Oh and .. so happy you guys got to get away. So deserved!

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