dreamers & realists


first off, let me tell you that this is what we woke to this morning.


mountains and frozen lake through crystals on the glass of our balcony


coffee by the fire


i haven’t used the wordpress mobile options much, so i am not sure how this post will look (if i ever stop obsessing and just hit publish, that is.) if it isn’t my version of perfect, i imagine i’ll be racing to the computer to fix it up the minute i get in the door, though i promise i will not be rushing to leave this snowy paradise. if this post is far from perfect, do your best to forgive me. we’ve already come this far! 😉


you see, the dreamers need the realists to keep them from soaring too close to the sun. and the realists, well, without the dreamers, they might never get off the ground. ~ cam (modern family)

interesting. i recorded this quote in a draft a few weeks ago. maybe it was just one week, i don’t know. enough time has passed that i’ve forgotten my intention or what i was crafting in my head as a post. fortunately, it lines up perfectly with something i was contemplating the other night.

when kevin arrived at my place on friday, i had just hung up on a phone call with a friend from out of town. after discussing my recent project and what i have been doing professionally, she floated a potential opportunity my way and asked if i’d be interested. always yearning for new opportunity, greater challenges and considering the boost it would give to my experience, was my response was simple: absolutely!

as kevin made himself at home, i told him all about what *might* come to be in a short story long kind of way. while he is by far the most supportive person ever in my life and i know he believes in me to no end, something he eventually said made clear just how differently we approach things.

just remember, babe, it’s not for sure. i don’t want you to get your hopes up and be disappointed.

it shone light on our absolute opposite perspective.

looking forward to something is what gets me through the days. it’s exciting and it makes the future so much brighter. i would never say that i don’t feel disappointment. i do. in fact, i take it quite hard. i guess i just bounce back quickly. i take great pride in my ability to find the silver lining and the reason why whatever happened was meant to be or for the better. it’s just what i do, even in the absolute worst of times. ( i can provide at least one reference who will vouch for that.)

i guess for kevin, it’s better not to risk the anguish of not getting what you want by focusing on the fact that nothing is guaranteed and not counting your proverbial chickens before their eggs have hatched. i’m sure it’s a line of thinking that has its benefits. i just can’t fit optimism-free days into the life i want to lead in the same way he doesn’t want to tempt disappointment.

just an observation. it’s a difference that probably matches us up even tighter and better. interconnected and interdependent. you know, like yin and yang.

if you saw the episode of modern family from which the quote i opened with came, you have a bit of any idea of what i’m saying. some of us are dreamers while some of us are realists. if you get it right, then in the end, it all balances out.


coffee time is over and the fire has been turned off. we have massages booked in 45 minutes so it’s time for us to come out of hibernation.


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  1. I can relate. My head is always in the clouds. My husband, on the other hand has his feet firmly planted in reality. Wasnt that episode so relateable?? Best of luck with your potential opportunity!!

    • Thanks for the luck. Every day it becomes more appealing. If it doesn’t work out, something else will.

      I think every episode of MF is relateable. That’s what makes it so ludicrous and fantastic!

  2. As you can probably imagine, I have a feeling K and I would get along marvelously.

    It’s not so much that I can’t be a dreamer — in my music, my love of fantasy/scifi, my romantic notions, my adorations of the future of science and technology, and my very own head I can be the best of dreamers, in love with the possibilities, the unlikelihoods, the chances and rewards, and the unbelievables.

    The problem is that my logical, grounded side kicks in and the skills I learned in my tutelage of philosophy, logic, debate, and analysis come to slam me down into the Real World™ and whatever I may dream or envision is quickly tempered by those factors. My logical side tells me that in life, if you tally up columns of good vs. bad, the black column always wins by a landslide. That doesn’t necessarily make the good any less valid, it just puts it into a proper place in the statistical landscape of chances. If you can imagine a bad thing X might happen, chances are, it probably will in some form or another, to someone in the world, likely someone you know, or at least you’ll hear about it, and it wouldn’t be out of place if it happened to be you. The chances are really just that good.

    The key to this viewpoint is to remember that the Good in life is what makes it worth living through the sluggy wetlands of Bad. That Hope isn’t necessarily bad because it lets our minds wander and invent, but that Hope without Logic leads to great amounts of Disappointment. Everything in a balance.

    I like to break folks down into a quadrant of Optimist vs. Pessimist, Dreamer vs. Logician. The folks I don’t get along with well at all, or at least don’t get into deep relationships with, are the ones on the ends of the spectrums — an Optimistic Dreamer, a Pessimistic Logician. And the cross-product ones are just strange, usually — the Optimistic Logician and the Pessimistic Dreamer. Somewhere you have to hit in the middle with enough leanings one way or the other to make you interesting, but enough tempering from the other factors to keep you from being a complete nut.

  3. I love having something to look forward to.. I build it up and then when it’s over, I feel somewhat letdown. Not in a bad way, just sad that whatever it is has come to an end. I’m always excited about the next possibility. I just think I need to create more of those experiences for myself.

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