it’s december, focus on food, success & a date with friendship!


so, it’s december. i’m sure the plethora of tweets, blog posts and chat around the water cooler had already tipped you off and i feel like a cliche mentioning it myself, but, yeah. it’s december. and everything christmas related is now fair game.

christmas has come to the carlton

the arrival of december means something else: it is no longer november and, further to that,Β evey and i survived nablopomo! thirty (well, thirty-one in my case) posts in thirty days. just like old times. i’m not gonna lie, there were a few nights that we agonized over what to post – thankfully our troubled times never coincided!


this week has been strangely food focused. it seems everywhere i turn, somebody is handing me some to eat. it’s lucky they were because given my recent workload, i can barely manage to feed myself!

a delicious gift from a very tanned and refreshed co-worker

chocolate balls and caramel corn with pecans, all vegan
i’d be embarrassed to tell you how long this all lasted

as the resident vegetarian/vegan, the veggie dogs that were left standing after the barbecue were donated to this cause
weird, right?


work’s been another story this week. for all the long hours and painful days i’ve put into the project, i am so blessed to have plenty to show for it. plenty is measured by:

  • a severely reduced pace to work at
  • overwhelming confidence and pride in my troops
  • immeasurable success very early in the process
  • a good deal of attention from those keeping an eye on our progress

πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

this spectacularly smooth implementation even afforded me to get out of the office during daylight hours for the last two days. to be honest, i never thought it would happen again.

yesterday, my sweetie swept me off to a muppets matinee. (fantastic! – both the company and the film πŸ™‚ )

today, i got to enjoy a leisurely lunch, coffee and shopping in a chinese store with a friend.

the sushi

nearby new west? be sure to visitΒ okonomi‘s uptown location!

lots of mango in the vegetarian mix we chose

the coffee

we had the kind of date where we broke down the remaining barriers of friendship and really sealed the deal. we’d spent time together in the past, but this afternoon involved laughter and tears and a whole lot of support and understanding.

the chinese store

we went in looking for kale. i left with all kinds of exotic spices, some sesame oil and fresh chili peppers. little did i know, my new friend secretly bought me a very special little gift.

i think i’ll call her connie. πŸ˜‰


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  1. I am super proud of us. Technically I had 31 posts also. The day Chris filled in I did make my own short little post informing everyone of my suckage. πŸ™‚

    I love a good coffee or lunch date with a friend. Its good for the soul.

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