sharing the love


this isn’t my post, but it’s so good that i want to sing it from the rooftops.

since i’ve known laura, she has been a ray of sunshine in my world. she is joyful and dedicated and an inspiration to all. she and i started the year with the shared desire to become more consistently expressive of affection and appreciation towards the special people in our lives. she is guilty of sending adorable little care packages and surprise have a lovely day texts. she has certainly taken the role as leader in our initiative, but she keeps me in line by reminding me regularly (and when i get all caught up in the other stuff) about the importance of sharing the love. but, it isn’t just about motivating me…

laura is an enthusiastic coach for the world and she wants to share all of her excitement and gratitude with everyone. as the larabar concocted world communication month comes to a close, you’ll find a one! day! only! contest happening over at scribbles and sass, the little corner of the internet my dear friend calls home. please head over there and sample her passion, get your name entered for her draw, but most importantly, reach out to someone and let them know you’re thinking about them. that’s a prize in itself!

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gratitude and luck

warm and fuzzy’s a good feeling, isn’t it??



it only just dawned on me that i ought to share the details of my own endeavour to spread the love this morning. as you can see if you read in the comments, i chose to message a friend i haven’t really spoken to in a while. she and i fell out earlier in the year over something silly and trivial. earlier this week, a message from her popped up on gmail chat and we broke a little ice and declared our intention to get on with our friendship and catch up soon. the message i sent her this morning told her how happy i was that she’d contacted me, that i am thrilled to get together again and that i’d missed her in my life. i truly am so excited to get caught up with her as soon as we can work it out. in the meantime, she let me know a little about what’s been keeping her busy…


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