things in threes


“babe, i’m gonna have to mail in my blog post tonight. there are only two days left and i can’t quit now.” i guess all the guys with those furry messes up top their lips are probably thinking the same thing.


i woke up this morning feeling glum and groggy. i did the only conceivable thing: i put on a nice dress and some great shoes. i wanted to have at least one thing to brighten my day and a fabulous outfit will always do that, am i right?


so, to the title: things in threes. are the things that happen in threes only bad? i think that’s how the saying goes. in that case, i’m simply not adhering to that (if it is so.) my three things were just alike. and good. and a wee bit inspiring.

thing one

the blonde in my life‘s blog post for the day: the old guy, the icon, and me. into a story of a couple of dates and a movie, laura wove the lessons she extracted from watching the film my week with marilyn. two lines from the post that struck me:

It was the way she treated men, it’s the way she found her confidence, it’s the way she saw herself in others.
She couldn’t find the confidence in herself.

i’ve never really been a marilyn fan, mostly for exactly the reasons above. i adore strength and it’s what i admire in a person. while she certainly had power in a sense, she lacked the kind of confidence i look up to.

laura’s post, however, prompted me to make a statement that i very rarely make aloud and am only learning to feel comfortable with. i am really, really good at some things. i’m learning that.

i think part of my problem has always been my absolute disgust with arrogance. i struggle to find a more repulsive trait in people. what i’ve always been afraid of is appearing overconfident so i back off on any and all self-promotion. over the past year, experiences have taught me that i am pretty darn competent, that i am hard-working and that when i really want something, i can and will make it happen. all that deserves some props and i really need to start givin’ ’em.

thing two

my yogi tea horoscope.

have wisdom in your actions and faith in your merits.

i felt like it was speaking to me and immediately thought of the comment i’d left for laur. reinforcement from the universe, perhaps?

thing three

remember my mala? well, it broke tonight. the string just gave way and beads bounced all over the floor of the restaurant where i dined with my department. the help of one co-worker and the flashlight he had strung to his keychain and i think we recovered all the pieces. after a few deep breaths, i did the first thing i thought of: i tweeted tiny devotions, what now??

a refresher: a mala was chosen for the stone that is its centrepiece. “rose quartz is the stone of love, the heart chakra and infinite peace. the stone of love, if purchased for yourself, represents self love.”

my @ messages were still empty when i got home and checked my email. those resourceful little elves had not only read my tweet, but they’d already dug up my invoice and sent instructions on fixing the situation. what struck me was the very first line of the message.

A mala breaking represents karma breaking or a breakthrough.

so began the analysis via iphone…

so, add them up. three things all pointing to the exact same result. having faith in myself and confidence in my abilities. i’m not going to say that the dress was in any way responsible, but it (and all the compliments) certainly helped drive the lesson home.



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