tourist in my own town


thankfully, in just a few hours, people will go back to not caring about cfl football. in the meantime, there were likely a few people visiting this fair city for the first time in honour of the championship game. well, this weekend provided the kind of setting that has earned vancouver its reputation: non-stop rain.

nathalie, my bsa (business systems analyst – until last year, i had no idea what that meant either) is from an area northeast of montreal. she has spent about six weeks of the last six months in new westminster. last weekend, we were halfway through what will likely be the last trip she makes for this phase of the project. this woman has become invaluable to me. without her, i shudder to think of how my already long days would look. if i’m spending an average of thirteen hours a day in the office with her help, i might have died without her. not only does she save my life on a daily basis, we also get along really well. you know in that criticize and ridicule others on the project kind of way. a perfect match. 😀

so, yeah. she’s been here a lot lately. what she hasn’t been is getting to know the city. at all. kevin and i decided to step in and rectify that. fortunately and unlike this weekend, vancouver put on its weekend best and stepped it up weather-wise. for any time of year, it was gorgeous. for november, remarkable.

first stop: richmond olympic oval

i’d totally missed this stop on the olympic tour. i don’t remember watching any speedskating and i visit richmond so rarely that it isn’t a surprise i’d never made it. thankfully, this was kevin suggestion and i’m soooo glad he made it. perfect timing connected us with a guide who went above and beyond in familiarizing us with the venue.

bc place as seen from olympic village

me & nath & a massive bird
again, olympic village

the olympic cauldron with the mountains as a backdrop
(if only we’d waited a week…it was lit for the grey cup game today)

after we left the convention centre, we took a driving tour through stanley park
this photo was taken from prospect point

the north shore from brockton point

brockton lighthouse with lion’s gate bridge behind

want to know more about stanley park? download this pdf guide and map.

that wasn’t the end fo the tour. we also hit parts of north vancouver, however, the setting sun hampered our photo taking ability for the remainder of the evening.

i love having out-of-towners around. it’s such a great exercise to show them around town; so rewarding to remember how blessed we really are to live here. never been to vancouver? come visit!


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