how cs should be done (courtesy of apple)


you see, this is why i think about what i’m saying sometimes. after the death of my iphone on thursday night, i had fleeting thoughts of staying dark for a while. i touched on them in my post yesterday, but i didn’t really tell you the most significant thought i had in my mind: what if i challenged myself to live without a phone for a week? ha! i did think about it. honestly. thing is, apple makes it so freaking easy to deal with a lemon that it’s almost impossible to not get it done.

after posting about the deceased iphone 4, i had a lot of people coming to me and saying that they’d experienced the same thing or that they knew someone who had. consensus was to make contact with the company and it would all be taken care of  lickety split. in hindsight, it kind of was. since i was still in denial, i continued to resist until a friend gave me step by step instructions and the push to just get it done already. here’s how it went.

  1. went online and booked an appointment for later in the day (i had other obligations so mine was a few hours off, but they had openings immediately, if i’d been able to take any of them)
  2. showed up early at genius bar because skytrain was more efficient than anticipated
  3. checked in
  4. surfed on macbook provided for people waiting to be tended
  5. was accommodated in my premature arrival and saw someone almost fifteen minutes before my appointment
  6. had iphone assessed and received news that the thing was virtually soaking wet inside
  7. was given new iphone as replacement
the end.

turns out that my iphone had a lot of liquid inside of it. the “genius” i dealt with opened ‘er up and showed me that not only the first sensor (at the place where the usb cable connects to make a charge) was triggered, but all the others inside were, too. at first, things looked grim. it sounded as though it was going to cost me a little something to get a replacement. as we talked further and i assured him that nothing had ever been spilled on the device nor had it ever been immersed in any liquid, things got a little better. after checking my warranty, he told me that he’s just give me a new one. sure, in this case, new means refurbished, but it’s all the same difference to me. it works and that’s really my only expectation.

our diagnostic discussion concluded that the water inside the phone was likely condensation. how that ball got rolling, i have no idea and it does concern me a little about this new one, but time will tell if it will suffer the same fate. since i don’t know what i did wrong, i don’t know what to change about my practice now. i guess i’ll just keep rolling with it.

apple, though. wow. the system of making an appointment and of being served promptly and efficiently made the experience of returning a product as close to pleasant as possible. it is a model of customer service that i wish more companies would follow.

and now that barkley jacobs has been laid to rest, it’s time to name my new sidekick. suggestions?


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  1. Okay.. so seriously. I was just telling the guy that owns the painting company (currently painting my house) the same thing. It’s all about CUSTOMER SERVICE and why can’t companies figure that out? The paint guys I went with had so many positive reviews online and no complaints whatsoever. They are doing it right. When I mentioned that to the owner he said “I really strive to do a great job and making sure the customer is absolutely happy.” This is what it’s all about!

    Glad you were able to get that handled so well and surprised about the condensation. Eek. Welcome back!

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