going dark


i’ve never been in love with my iphone and sometimes i haven’t even been in like with it. i find it unstable and a little slow. the phone itself is a crapshoot. sometimes it’ll make a call, other times it doesn’t feel like it. i can make these generalizations because i’m now on my second and they have both been the same fickle story. surely, given the minimal expectations and uses i have for the thing, there’s no way i’m just using an iphone wrong.

yesterday, as i walked into my apartment, i sent a text to a friend. when i got in the door, i put the iphone down on the table and that was the last breath of life it showed. dead. i’ve read the online instructions, i’ve tried everything listed in tutorials. if i can get any of its attention, it begs me to connect it to itunes. when i connect it to itunes, it is either 1. not detected or 2. asking for a restore. the reluctant restore looks good at first, then delivers me nothing by an unknown error message.

i go through (albeit short) phases of thinking about living without a smartphone. i find it annoying that i’ve become so dependent on being connected that i sometimes i get rattled that i can’t check my email while grocery shopping or riding the train. (i also get a little obsessive about twitter and plants vs. zombies.)

i’ve had a few of these thoughts since the death of the phone. on top of all of kevin’s medical stuff and my own maintenance (yay for the naturopath this afternoon, but some of the data that i have been keeping for her was on that damn p.o.s. as well) and taking care of two of us and being smack dab in the middle of implementation and… i’d just really love to not have something else to worry about as well. i’m a little bit in denial.

i really have mixed feelings as i come to terms with how much i rely on that little electronic thingamajig. yes, i don’t really need to be viewing some high school acquaintance’s ultrasound pics while waiting for my meal to be served, but my reality is that it is often the only time i have a chance to catch up on anything personal. with two new side projects to work on and very long days in the office, even my personal email is no longer being tended. without my phone to help with that in my downtime, i’m afraid to think about how far behind i will fall. also, as kevin put it, “what is something happens to me?” in this case, me could mean him or me. what if?

i can’t decide which route to take. i’m, quite obviously, not rushing out to get a replacement. at the same time, part of me misses it already. no texts. no instant messages from evey… and i really hate that i just knew i should have gotten a droid.


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  1. So you got a new iPhone? 🙂
    I wonder if it’s a Canadian thing.. I should knock on wood. Wasn’t that your second one? And hasn’t Marc had issues too? Maybe Apple hates Canada.

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