a call to muppet arms ~ #teamgonzo


unless you’re living under a rock, you’re well aware that the muppets are back. their new movie opens in theatres tomorrow and i, for one, am thrilled.

i’m no fan of children’s movies no matter how tongue in cheek the jokes pointed at adults can be made. rattle off a list of those that have paved the way for the modern genre and i haven’t seen any of them. it was only a month or two ago that i saw the lion king for the first time, back when it was rereleased in 3d.

i’ve always had a soft spot for the muppets. when we were kids, my brother and i were positively nuts for them. i can’t think of any entertainment we enjoyed more than that precious little variety show. the days when they showed a pigs in space segment? there was nothing better than that.

i’ll admit that they fell off my radar for a long time. thankfully, a couple of years ago, i caught the start of their christmas special called letters to santa. my heart sang! they’re just sooooo adorable! (and they’re working in the post office!)


i didn’t say a damn thing much about the local elections that took place last saturday. mostly because civil politics just don’t excite me the way federal politics do. or muppet battles.

the national post, my number one choice in newspapers, has been running a tournament of muppets over the past week at long last, decision day has arrived. i’m ever more excited and passionate to note that i’ve been #teamgonzo since day one.

sure, as a kid, i was all about miss piggy. i was a girl. what choice did i have? just like with the smurfs, there was only one female in the bunch. you kind of had to side with her. as an adult, i’ve grown to appreciate the others with their more diverse (and less manipulative) tactics. truth be told, the final showdown, kermit vs. gonzo is causing its fair share of inner turmoil. they were the two i was rooting for. how do i choose just one?

“he’s nick in the great gatsby.” muppet has a point.

today, i’m officially crossing my fingers for an upset. gonzo the great is the greatest muppet of all time in my books. i’ve cast my vote. have you?


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