when is enough enough?


nine hours of the last twenty-four spent in a hospital is a good place to start. waiting was what we did the most of. moving from waiting room to assessment room to treatment room is a close second. the trip? definitely an eye opener, both in how we live and in how others do.

as we sat in the coffee shop outside emergency after all was said and done, we reflected on something the surgeon had told us. he wholeheartedly recommended a book called the 4-hour body by a guy called tim ferris. i’d heard of it. in fact, i have a copy beside the bed.

again, we’ve got healthy change on the brain. just as great things came of the last big push, i’m convinced more will happen this time around. motivation is abundant given the recent focus on what can happen when we make not so healthy choices. it’s reinforced by some of the things we saw over the past day – not only do neither of us want to go back to that place we also don’t want to be the kind of people who have to.


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  1. I saw this awhile ago and read up the reviews on it — generally, they mostly state that everything in the book has been seen before in other tomes and the methods aren’t necessarily unique. The reviews also state that it’s one of those things that works for some, not for others, and YMMV, etc. I have not read it myself, however. But I suspect that it encompasses what most “diet” and body books do — you have to glean it for ideas that work for you and assemble your own knowledge and plan for your body.

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