patience, patients


good lord. i just can’t even begin to comprehend why anyone would want to go to work in a hospital. it isn’t a criticism by any means, just an observation.

patient patients ❤
only two to a hospital bed, please

sunday nights are sacred. they can make or break a week. me, i like to spend the day preparing food, clothes and other stuff for the week ahead. it makes me feel like i’m a step up on what’s to come. a solid supper and early to bed and i’m ready for monday. of course, i try to fit a little fun in there, too.

no such luck this week. nope, a little complication has landed us in the emergency room from just about the moment i finished up an epic day of cooking. between 8am and 4pm, i didn’t even sit down, i was so productive. when i was done, i took a moment to relax in the bath and while doing so i got the news that we were off.

i won’t gripe about our medical system. i use it so rarely and when i do it works just fine. it is just agonizing to be here and for so long. we are surrounded by a kid who drinks a 26er a day and wonders why his stomach hurts, a 20 weeks pregnant woman just absolutely wasted, perhaps high as well and a shirtless punk in handcuffs and two friendly police officers (i didn’t even bother finding out was his deal was.) there *is* one guy here with his mom and they seem pretty normal. it feels so long since we dealt with sanity, i almost want to run out from behind the curtain and make friends with them.

who knows when we’re getting out of here or what’ll be our fate. the good news i can tell you is that we’re gonna live. 😉 i’ll just have to work a little harder to kick this week off right, i guess.


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