(kitchen) inspiration from hollywood


my mom and i watched moonstruck on the weekend. you probably don’t remember the scene when cher is in the kitchen cooking breakfast. it’s near the beginning when she’s just accepted the proposal of her initial suitor, johnny. kevin was away this weekend, but every day since then, i have talked about wanting to duplicate what i saw on that screen. i’ve been so obsessive about it, i think he thought i’d gone a little off my rocker (or maybe he thought a lot.)

so, i took what i saw on the tv and i made it my own. i prepped a couple of pieces of bread by using a star cookie cutter (instead of just a circle or something lame, of course) to punch holes in the middle. while the bacon was cooking in the oven, i first fried the bread, then cracked an egg and poured it into one of the stars in the toast. i refer to only one because once the hungry man saw what i was doing, he thought it was pretty neat and wanted to make one himself. gone were the cuckoo looks i’d been getting all week when i talked with enthusiasm about how you cut a hole in the bread! and then you fry an egg in there! no matter. i was happy to share the honours. i have to admit, it was just as cool as i’d thought it would be. unfortunately, we didn’t take any photos, but i guess this is proof – hollywood really does inspire life. 😛

i take a few minutes every morning to catch up with my personal inbox (because morning is the only time i ever get a chance!) imagine my surprise when i stumbled upon the image below in my travels…like déjà vu! they just did things a little bit differently. i suppose if i ever find someone making this recipe, we could work in perfect tandem. they’d use the stars, i’d take the crusts.

recipe & image taken from sweet paul magazine
breadcrumb trail leading there by design*sponge

of course, we all know i don’t partake in meals of the egg variety, but all reports said it was fantastic. in case you’re looking for something new and easy to do with the eggs in your fridge, give this shot. it’s even cute to boot!


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