feelin’ funky


funk-ish? funk-like? feeling as though i’m in one. a funk, that is. you feelin’ me?

life has a way of catching up with you. i’m non-stop on a project that is going to monopolize my time (and it feels like my life) for the balance of 2011. i get home exhausted every night and feel challenged in juggling all of the things i need to do with all the things i need to. i never understood why everyone smirked at me like they knew something i didn’t when they asked “project work, huh?” i get it now. my experience has provided me several lessons about myself and about life. probably the one with the most impact has been that things have a way of working themselves out. it’s a fact and i can accept it now more than ever and not just because it’s the only thing that gets me through a lot of my days.

running super thin, i’ve turned my thoughts to what i can do to help myself feel better mentally and physically over the next six weeks. i’m lucky to have some pretty solid and deep habits running through me. i drink lots of water and i eat a pretty clean diet. places i could improve: fitting in at least a walk every day, if not something more engaging and getting better and more sleep. yep, still fighting that battle.

so, those are the basics. the obvious places to look. they’re the quick and easy fixes and focuses when you need to heal. they’re all the most important steps to take to getting better and the key building blocks for a healthy life. i’m up to speed on those. i know what i need to keep doing and i know where i need to make some change. along the same lines, i started to think about the things that i know i ought to do, but don’t. here are a few of the other things i’m neglecting:

  • meditation – my girl lo is fantastic at planning and inspiring these 40 day kriyas on the regular. every time, i vow to commit, then a few days in, my practice gets left behind. for someone whose head is spinning all day every day, a little clarity and still could really help set me straight.
  • dry brushing – perhaps it’s because i’m straight outta my annual exam (please check out the lace campaign page and sign up for pap reminders here) but breast health is on my mind and i’ve resolved to keep it there from now on. dry brushing is the most amazing, detoxing tiny little habit.
  • castor oil packs – see a practitioner of natural medicine and you’ll quickly learn that your liver is kind of a big deal. it also needs a little tlc. castor oil packs feed that need and nourish this vital organ.
  • focus on posture – i spend more time in front of my computer now than i ever have in my office. it’s so easy to collapse into a slump when your mind’s stuck in something on the screen and completely unaware of what’s happening with your body. seems the best correction requires a little exploratory effort. cross country skiing, anyone?
i feel like i’m constantly making declarations of change. for this, i credit my unending belief that it is possible and that i can always recreate the person i have become. it isn’t a fault, as far as i’m concerned, but as asset. optimism can get you through a lot of stuff and in times when you feel like you might be drowning in stuff to do, it certainly makes for a more pleasant swim.

the other day, i asked one of my subjects 😛 to enlighten me on how to roast pumpkin seeds. i know, i know. some simple things have eluded me over all these years. she kindly obliged (though i suspect she did so as an easy out for her nablopomo obligations for the day.) i took her instructions and ho!-ly! i’ve been lukewarm about pumpkin seeds in the past, but these ones were toasted to perfection. she likes ’em simple, but i wanted to spice mine up. seeing as it’s the current superhero of the spice rack, i sprinkled some turmeric on and cracked a little pepper in addition to some sea salt. these seeds’ll be lucky to survive the night.

shamelessly stolen from meghan telpner‘s making love in the kitchen blog:

i haven’t tried her turmeric tea just yet, but i’m a pretty big fan (of the girl and of the spice) so far so it’s only a matter of time…


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