mother/daughter day


if you asked me what kind of traditions my mom and i have, i’d tell you that we shop together and craft even more. there isn’t really a consistent event we partake in. other than circle craft christmas market, that is. that one’s a rule. i can’t even remember how long we’ve been going together, but i don’t think i’ve actually been with anyone else. every remembrance day weekend, we hit the skytrain and head downtown with visions of tissues and shopping bags overflowing with just perfect! holiday gifts. usually we find a few, but even more plentiful is the inspiration. i’m not sure if it’s just that i’m at a craftier point in my life now or if i just met a lot of really creative people, but i am more motivated than ever to learn! and make! and create!

this’ll turn into a photo post soon because i need to share all the candy for my artistic soul. first, however, here’s something we came across in our travels.

the olympics did a lot for this city. for example, as we crossed the plaza out in front of canada place, we were met with a crowd of people all standing and focusing on the broadcast of the ceremony at victory square. the audio, the video, the weather and the light…all of it made for a very somber, but beautiful setting for the moment of silence. i doubt we’d have the tools to create such a public display had the olympics not taken place here.

flags at half-mast.

we’d actually planned our commute so that we would arrive at the convention centre before 11am, but the feeling of watching the ceremony outside in the rain stopped us in our tracks. we stood together, poppies in our lapels and thought and talked of our loved ones who have/had served our country proud.

remembrance day is such a somber and moving occasion. i don’t have the words to do it justice. i certainly honour and respect all those who have done their part to defend our nation and represent canada around the world.


moving on to the artsy stuff…

kinda loved this jacket, though maybe in a different colour


robot baby stuff

i’m such a sucker for a cute hat!

bowls of many colours


a few things:
loved the men’s scarf in the foreground
adored the one i was wearing
$139 is too much for either


these adorable handcrafted animals are soft and cuddly and come with a handmade book educating the owner about the animal and its habitat. stephanie is the most friendly and gracious exhibitor at the show. it was a real pleasure to meet her and hear her passion.

instructions for these soap bars were to hang them for air freshening and break off a piece when needed.
they spelled divine!

birds (and not owls!)

i’ve had recurring chandelier fantasies.
this indulged them, but i still need one.

more birds.
i love how these little pieces were displayed.

we buy these calendars every year.
each month brings a delightful new visual on its card.

in some cases, i was thinking i should learn to make that. in others, i could totally make that. sometimes i want that was all i could come up with. we didn’t come away with a ton of loot, but we did have a great time together.


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