cupcake day


everything has a day now, doesn’t it? rumour had it that today was cupcake day. a little research revealed it as vanilla cupcake day, not to be confused with chocolate cupcake day (on october 18, silly.) further investigation has led me to believe december 15 the official cupcake day. i say, every day should be cupcake day.

last monday, kevin informed me that they’d be having a bake sale at his office. i’d thought it a moneymaker towards their christmas party fund, but it turned out to be exactly what you’ve come to expect from a bake sale: seller takes home the loot. the big event was taking place on wednesday and i had designs on spending tuesday night baking up a storm. (not for the money, but for the fun.) due to unforeseen circumstances, i had to give up those plans, but i wasn’t entirely heartbroken. after i’d heard reports of bakers with cake businesses on the side and competitions for prizes, i figured i’d have been in over my head, anyway. i’m just an amateur cupcaker. i do it for fun. it almost killed me when kevin phoned mid-bake sale and told me, “babe, your cupcakes would have killed here! these ones have nothin’ on yours!” damn.

i never really took to baking until the last few years. this is the one thing that has probably had the most impact.

yes, vegan. spare me your groans.
i guarantee you will not even notice that any of the animal products are missing.

it’s been put to very good use.

as you can imagine, kevin fully supports my cupcake hobby. he’s mostly a plain old vanilla kind of guy so the more exotic variations that make up the rest of the book are lost on him. all that said, he’s still a willing sampler and appreciates the importance of well cared for supplies. πŸ˜‰

the safest sugar in town.

i finally treated myself to the flashy tins the experts recommend.

so, i like to make cupcakes and i think my work is pretty darn good. i’ve learned enough to be able to wing it in some cases, but i’m feeling a little inspired to bring it back to the basics. you know how julia cooked her way through julia? i’m attempting a similar feat and i have a feeling i’m going to need to share the proceeds. i’m just saying keep that in mind when you shortlist guests for a dinner party. i’ll bring dessert! πŸ˜‰

i have a date with a very pretty lady tomorrow afternoon. instead of flowers, i’m bringing a bouquet of these:

lemon-orange cake with lemon frosting and sugared lemon garnish.


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  1. YUMMY! At any time feel free to send a care product to me. I am always willing to try animal free food. Although after my blog post tonight, perhaps you shouldn’t send me cupcakes. ::)

  2. Good thing I didn’t read this earlier or I would have spoiled my surprise of super yummy to-kill-for vegan cupcakes! My very un-vegan DH said that they were “very delicious” and he’d already been informed that they were vegan so you know that it’s true. πŸ™‚

    Thanks so much! I gotta get myself a copy of that cookbook, STAT!

  3. On a now-defunct blog, a friend introduced the idea that cupcake day is any day that the day, month and year are all the same number: 05/05/05, 11/11/11, etc.

  4. Can we all just agree that every day that has matching numbers along with every day that does not have matching numbers is Cupcake Day? πŸ˜‰

    Yeah, Ingrid, I was hoping you wouldn’t notice traffic being routed to your site from mine before our date yesterday. I figured it was pretty safe, though. Considering the small window of time, I took the gamble. Glad you like them!

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